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Lynched on a virtual landscape

I have never really been a big fan of the comment section although I mostly lure in the comments section below a video or social media  post. It becomes an interesting experience to learn what people across borders think of the same thing we are viewing, especially if they like …

Art Forms of India
Art Beat

India and its Art Forms

India is a land of varied culture, people and tradition. Not only the human element leads to this, but also the natural elements like geography and climate also have a hand in this. So as a result, not only the food and dressing habits of the people are different from …

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Respect Your Body: How being body positive helps in fitness

The  never-ending obsession with  weight loss has driven dieters around the world to new extremes – ranging from a liquid based diet to the new trendy celebrity diets that  promise desired results in weeks. The perennial popularity of these fad diets reflects an insatiable hunger to lose the kilos and …


Journey: A book on hope, change and daring to be free

Danielle Steel is a well established author and has given many bestsellers. With riveting stories and raw emotions, her writing never fails to leave a mark.  Journey is one such story that deeply left an impact on me. I could feel the emotional turmoil of the protagonist and could connect …


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Apollos Hester - Youthopia

As Sportive as Life – Apollos Hester

So how did your day start? Not so good or slow? Even better says Apollos Hester. As they say, sportive spirit and sportsmanship go hand-in-hand. This would be one of those extreme inspirational speeches post game. “It takes guts.. It takes attitude.. You gonna do it for yourself.. You gonna …


Humans of New York! OMG OMG OMG!!

How would you react if you were on the Streets of New York and you were captured for Humans of New York?? Do you think of any better expression than OMG OMG OMG!! These people exactly had the same. What’s interesting is this…

Wave Photograhy | Youthopia

Heard of Wave Photography? Meet Clark Little

Wave Photographer Clark Little has been taking his passion for the ocean to the next level as he grew. Today, Clark is one of the kind wave photographer who captures the waves in their most magnificent form. Although this involves the risk of being hit by hard waves and being stuck …

Grammar's Great Divide | Youthopia

Grammar’s Great Divide

If you read “Bob, a DJ and a clown” on a guest list, are three people coming to the party, or only one? That depends on whether you’re for or against the Oxford comma — perhaps the most hotly contested punctuation mark of all time. When do we use one? …


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