Good Samaritans


As I walk through the streets of Kochi, on an average day, I get kicked out of shops, beaten up, and on rare occassions even fed. Being fed leftovers, or even partially rotten food, is like a dream come true. But being touched upon by love, is a rare act of humanity.

Wandering every nook and corner, I have witnessed the various behavioural patterns, the rudeness, and the kindness that man posesses. While a man is being robbed, another one recieves help; while a woman gets raped in a dark corner, another woman is treated as God. But when one street dog gets fed, he may also be beaten up within the same day. And that is the story of my LIFE! Somewhere else in Kochi, Muthu was most probably eating from a garbage. He had found some freshly thrown idlis smeared with the chutney as well as some waste water!


Poor him, Apart from begging he also has to work in a nearby building where the building produces a lot of sound and many men like him work there everyday for some sort of paper. He was an orphan and he grew up in some other street, and eventually wandered to my streets! Although he resides in here, I met him after a long period of my life. Once upon a time, during my youth,

I used to be known as someone’s “pet”, but they threw me out in a rainy night. I still do not know why, and now I am just another street dog, always ready to run from humans and other dogs. Then again came another rainy night, and that was when I realized that the word “sympathy’ actually existed. I was stranded in the cold rainy night, with hunger and no shelter. The water came gushing on my face, but in the distant lights of the streets, I saw a shadow running towards me. I realized it was a man, but as he came closer, he ran somewhere to my right and sat under a tree.

He began to unwrap something and I understood that he was eating. Expectations aroused in my heart, but due to my previous experiences, I knew what would it be to approach a man, infact, any living being on this world. I turned away and began to walk, but I soon felt a few footsteps running towards me, A hand lifting me as I panicked. I tried to attack but in no vain, but I realized that I was being taken under the tree where the wrapped food reached my nostrils. He placed me on the earth next to the food and pushed it towards me. And then for the first time, I look at him and he smiles at me. The last time I saw a smile was when I was living in a human’s house. And now, apart from the usual mockery and sniggers, I actually saw a gentle smile. I hogged the food since it was my first meal after a few days.

After eating up to my fill, I drank a bit of rain water from the puddle below me. I lifted my head to thank the human God, but he was nowhere to be found. In my eating I hadn’t noticed that he had wiped and dried me up, and that he had left a piece of cloth wrapped around my back. I felt warm like never before. More than that, I felt his warmth! I searched for him frantically for days, and finally found him, but he never recognized me.

But I did realize that, there are a few helping hands that walk on this very face of the earth. And that day I named him Muthu, which means ‘a pearl’. But he was more precious than a pearl!

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