How to survive a shopping spree?

As the title suggests, this one is for all you guys who have to accompany your significant other or maybe your best friend who would like to enjoy a whole day out looking  at various stores, identifying  each and every object of interest beforehand, rejects a millions dresses/saris before selecting …


Secrets to weight loss

Have you always wanted to get rid of that extra pound of fat? Always wanted to get fit and in shape for that marathon? Reduced a lot of weight first only for them to be back double the amount later on? Well, I have some critical information to share with …


A tiny world away from the world

A group of islands untouched by man’s pollution located in the Bay of Bengal (east of the Indian mainland geographically), is a splendid tropical island outpost although belonging to India is closer to the south East Asia. From being known as the Kalapani (Black waters) due to the atrocious history …

Good Samaritans

Samaritan Government?

We have all heard about people, groups, organizations who go all out to provide food, clothing, shelter and help of any form. Selfless services provided, who care about the well-being of the surroundings so much that they work tirelessly use every possible resource, some even detrimental towards their own personal …