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All Things Quee

All Things Queer

I have always found poetry a tad dry and music a tad frivolous hence I never identified myself as an…

Love Retreats | Youthopia

Love Retreats

 It happened on a dark stormy night, For a second when our tensed gazes met, And the longing confusion was…

Protagonist | Youthopia

My Protagonist

My protagonist weeps silently wiping away the white color of its mimed make up. It weeps sitting under the ash covered…

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Wealth of pelf     A step is walked and stridden hard, Sailing against the tides of every evil smart….

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal   Never does she rest on the bold base in bare, For the delicate paintings drape her ever…


The book of life

The book of life life is an empty book you write its chapters on your own either they’ll be interesting…



She peeped through the tiny crack of a door left ajar She saw a tall figure greeted by her mother,…

Another Summer

Another Summer

He always hid in her hair On days when she would Deepen in some other’s arms. On days, when the…

In the name of success

Look around,everyone is busy running their own race, Madly,blindly,with the aim of being ace They forget who they are,just keep…