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Civil Services: Is it for You?

“Indian democracy is too complex to be run”.

– L.K Advani

Minister of Home Affairs(1998-2004)

India the biggest republic in the world has been self subsistent country from last 67 years. For a mammoth country with large population , the working of the government has to be extraordinary and so should be the leaders. Ever since 67 years of independence it still has the adjective “developing” country before its name. It has been entrapped by the weeks of large number of problems: corruption, unemployment, poverty. The list is fathomless.It is high time when some enthusiastic , resolute leaders take up the responsibility of this country.

The search for such Coryphaei, every year the most esteemed examination : civil services is conducted. An Augean test process of 1 year ,it gets wind of the most talented, brilliant young minds who have the competence of leadership . No doubt that civil services offers an attractive and challenging career to the ambitious and the aspiring souls. The services encompass all one can dream for: prestige, job security, handsome package, opportunities .But this beguile career is not everyone’s cup of tea. It demands a “little extraordinary”  determination, a “little especial” convincing skills, a “little aberrant” way of thinking to get into this you need to be a “little above normal”.

Everyone does want such alluring career but not everyone can fulfill the requirements put forward by it. If you do the work no one is better than you , but if you ever do a mistake then there is no one foolish as you. The public can make you god in one hour, the other hour you can be prone to their hatred. The red light car does bring with it bundles of responsibilities. If discipline defines your day, if  law and order is in your genes, if determination runs in your veins the civil services is for you. If you can unfold the vast scope to use the bestowed power to bring the change in the society and work to uplift their lives, to listen to their demands and fulfill them then civil services is for you.The pathway to Indian Administrative Services(IAS), Indian Police Services(IPS) , Indian Foreign Services(IFS), Indian Revenue Services( IRS) has been led.

Get your backpacks with physical, mental, emotional, social strength and start your journey. They are waiting for you. Start moving!

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