Diary of a traveler


“I will not go anywhere near the waters” said my friend, adamantly.

“This is the first day and you are already sulking about nothing”

I sigh inwardly for this person sitting opposite to me. We have travelled miles and miles to come to enjoy this and all he thinks about is resting his body in front of this one-in-a-million view.

As far as I remember there was nothing in my life that captured my heart and soul as this sunset behind me is doing now. I turn back and get to my own world of total if-there-is-one then naturally gifted bliss and am sitting here enjoying the undiscovered colors unveiling on the canvas of sky. Artists like Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet would go bizarre for this moment if they were alive.

While I was caught in my thoughts thinking how Claude Monet would paint the ladies on the beach somewhere behind my back my friend was updating his status on all the social networking sites the world could possibly know of. This person has to be taught how to busy himself. Travelling has always been a rebound to me ever since the untimely breakup with my ex. Since two years I have been to places I have always fantasized about. From the highest mountains of Kathmandu to the deep shallows of Kanyakumari I have been and seen every step of my nation that was on my list.

If I say the blue of Nigiri was the best I would be lying because every tour I have been to, holds a unique importance in my life. A different way of staying put in my memories that can’t be erased.

Right now I am standing on the sands of Port Blair. During my sojourns, there have been a lot of facts I learned about the cultures in our country. No matter where we come from every place holds its own exclusive quality just as every pebble on the shore is different. In these two years I have learned how travelling places can teach you great lessons of life, great places that we never can dare to forget, memories that we can hold on to live for.

The thick snow of Himalayas, overflowing waters of river Narmada, breathtaking heights of water falls, unimaginable weather conditions of Meghalaya, bounty hunters of Nagaland tribes, white tigers of west Bengal and not to mention the monuments and pictorial buildings of southern India these have always been a great integral parts of myself.

This shore I am standing on is no less it brings me all the happiness and all the worlds’ beauty I have missed before.Such gifts are never meant to let loose and ignore.

“Hope my bud here will get it into his thick skull of his someday”

“What? Did you say something?”

“Nothing. So how did you like the view?”

“What view?”

“You are missing life man. You are missing great gifts. Now come with me before it gets too late” I take my friend to the cliff edge where there is a cave surrounded by water on all the sides and has a rock sitting by its edge. I push him over to the rock, though he stumbles he gets up quickly and balances himself before he looks up.

“Do you get it now? How is the view?”

I know I don’t need to ask that. Judging by the look on his face I can say he is stunned to say anything but hey it was his fault he didn’t see it before. Whom am I to blame?

“This is bee- beautiful”

Now he sees.

Sai Chaitanya Banala

Engineer by ambition , writer by passion !!

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