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With about 12,535 followers on Facebook this young author’s Tamil books, are doing rounds online and almost 2000 copies have been sold out within a couple of years. Manobharathi, an IT graduate from Anna University is an upcoming writer who is currently shining bright in the success beam of his books Ezhuthupizhai and Vikatakavi 2.0. For the love of writing he quit his job at an IT firm and has resolved to seek his dream of writing. An avid traveller,foodie and an excellent cook, Mano shares with us his journey from software to stories.

1.When did you start writing?

“I started writing in 2013. It was during my college times, I was a back bencher and will usually spend my time at the canteen with my friends and of course when we do plan to attend classes we end up late for which our professors expect a real time excuse. That’s when I discovered that I can cook up stories in a jiffy and that,not only got me attendance but also gave me an aplomb of my narrating skills. When I decided to do this narration on paper, it was a whole new beginning.”

2. What inspires you to write and how did you think you could pull off as a writer?

“We realised that the reading habit among people decreased in recent times. There were open debates happening among people, where many claimed that the corporate people especially IT sector workaholics are far away from the habit of reading. So we thought of compiling and printing my write-ups as a book and let them know that a new book has come up in store with something new and it is from an hardcore’ IT guy’. This gathered the attention of all the other IT Guys. Simple Marketing Strategy that thankfully worked out for me.”

3.What did you do to publish your book? Tell us about the entire experience.

“As we decided to release it in printed form, we had to meet a lot of people to get instructions and suggestions.Needless to say,I got a plenty of free advice, few valuable suggestions and some warnings as well. With all this in mind, I took of with a 14 member team each responsible for Designs, Photographs, Technology, Logistics, Creative Heads, Mentors, Analysts and Social Media admins which made it easy for things to happen. We created the end-to-end designs, layouts with photographs for the book and printed it through our own publishing house. The entire experience was memorable and thrilling and a lesson to learn.”

4. Many of your stories and poems are about love. What’s the reason?

(Laughs) Love is a beautiful topic and a soothing actuality for every person who has had the chance to experience it in this world. It is my favorite genre and I have delivered so many flavors of love through my books.The reason is we are all craving for love in this world. It could be from our friends, parents,spouse or whomsoever. Take for example,Mouna Ragam and Alaipayuthey (2 Tamil movies based on love)have had an everlasting place in people’s mind for a very long time than an action movie or any other genre. Love is everything. I think it is the very purpose of our existence and by writing about I get to connect much better with my readers,they seem to like it immediately.”

5. How easy or hard was it to become a writer?

“I didn’t find it difficult to become a writer. I started narrating stories in my early days of writing. I improvised my skills based on the reviews I got. Then I kept reading books, followed some blogs and made myself a writer. And I do not expose myself as a Writer. I prefer to see myself as a Narrator or story teller. “

6. Ok dear Narrator, what was the response you got after your first publication and what do you think is the reason?

“Even before my first book release I had some followers for my Facebook page where I post my short poems and stories. Those followers became my motivators, advisors ,care takers and within three months of my first book, ‘Ezhuthupizhai’s release we earned the money that we had spent on releasing the book. If you really make a connection with the people through your writing they will never leave you. In fact they will nurture you to write more.”

7. What is your writing schedule? What are your idea sources?

“I do not force my mind to come up with something to write. It comes just like that.anytime of the day,while driving, jogging, bathing, exercising something will strike me and I will form the genre, format and sentences right there in my mind. Real life experiences and things that happen around me everyday. There’s a lot that you can take out of them if u keep your mind open. In short, I wait for inspiration to strike. Once I have the idea, I put them down on paper at night. Night times are the best.”

8. Tell us a few things about Vikatakavi , your second book.

“Vikatakavi in itself is a story teller. You dont have to have any skill or mindset to read Vikatakavi. Once you start reading the book it will keep you engaged with many nostalgic moments, sentiments, love, life experiences, emotions, perspectives, etc.We followed 3 things while planning for Vikatakavi.
. One should not get bored of the content and keep the book aside once they have started reading it.

. They should be able to visualise the text.

. They should feel like they are watching a movie while reading the book.

With about a 1100 books sold already, I guess we have done a good job.”

9. Who or what do you think is behind your success?

I believe in four things. Time,hard work, prayers and karma. I believe everyone is given an opportunity to prove themselves and when that time comes,hard work and prayers will help you do it right. When you do good things in life, you get back the same and never less.that is karma and all these together I guess have made me who I am today. Yet, a long way to go.”

10. What do you have to say to young aspiring writers and what kind of skills do you think they should possess?

“I can say only one thing.Find out the best in you. Follow your instincts. Make it happen no matter how many hurdles you have to face. Writing equals to narration. Good narration will definitely create quality content worth reading.”

11. What are you working on currently?

“I have started my next book, a Novel and also a few pages on Hykoo. I write dialogs and lyrics for short films and I also have penned lyrics for a peppy modern track called ‘Casatta Kanmaniye’ which was well received by the audience. The song was launched by renowned lyricist Madhan Karky on So that’s how it’s going.”

12.Who are your favourite writers and why?

“Two People. Two Rangarajans. One is Writer Rangarajan (a) Sujatha, who is always an inspiration for young people. Most of his stories make us visualize the scenes behind the text.Another one is youngster Rangarajan (a) Vaali. His lines are simple but often deep.”

13.How do you market your books?

“WOM (a) Word of mouth. My books became quite popular just by people talking about it. When people think that the delivered content is good , they market it for us without any cost by sharing reviews to their friends , family and relatives.
There are also numerous social media platforms to market almost anything among which Facebook is a giant.One of the biggest e commerce seller, Flipkart has rated both of my books in the interesting read category. So you can probably say I’m lucky because my books are getting sold without much effort from my side. (Of course I’m not bragging. Come on!)”

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab that paper and pen. The world needs great stories and who knows, they could be yours. Live, Love, write and do not forget to post in on your site.

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