As the title suggests, this one is for all you guys who have to accompany your significant other or maybe your best friend who would like to enjoy a whole day out looking  at various stores, identifying  each and every object of interest beforehand, rejects a millions dresses/saris before selecting one. It is indeed a herculean task needing mammoth proportions of patience to pass such a day, one you know deep within you’ll have to endure all the while with a smiling face.

So, how do you go through such a day without having to get all the sympathetic glances thrown out your way? Well, there are a few solutions. Some more effective than the others but will require some crafty conversation steered in the direction you want.

1. Well, you have to accompany this person to shopping. Find out all the people she/he dislikes, track them down and see what they are doing for the day. Suggest the very same place for shopping and take them there. Chances are they’ll spot each other and the person with you would want to leave immediately. With very little effort on your part since people almost always update their future activities on most social networking sites. Give yourself a pat, today is not the day we fall.

2. One of the easiest solutions if you are a gamer- carry a fully charged PSP along. You are set for the whole day.

3. Consider shops where you’ll have some fun time too. A place where both of you could have an excellent time. E.g. A library/boutique, an electronic shop/boutique; finding such shops can be difficult so you will be better off searching for such shops right away; every second of time is precious.

4. Let us employ the popular phrase- Prevention is better than cure here. Have a list of excuses, things, jobs you have to do which will occupy a large part of your time so as much as you’d love to, it was impossible to make time for shopping.

5. Set them up with someone else who are also similarly looking to go shop. This might require a little bit of you being proactive and also crafty the way you speak. For a wrong sentence at the wrong time could give a completely different meaning and cause you a lot of problems.

Sample implementation:

Them: “Hey, so last week this new exhibition for this year’s trends and fashions has come up. Maybe we should go check it out this weekend.”

You: The immediate answer is the most important one. Time it well. “I’ll follow you anywhere, honey. But, I seem to remember that I have to service my car that day. You know how difficult it is to get those service slots, but well yeah, servicing can always wait for the next month, I guess.”

That’s the way to go about it. Give yourself a pat, you will find out that you have done it. A weekend of nothing more than football and beer.
Now, lay back and think for a moment. What if you did accompany this person to shopping and find out that you won a lottery from a random event of parking slot sweepstakes? What if you find the novel that you gave away as a child; which was gifted to you by your father which had a special inscription that gives you meaning only now? Always grab the opportunity, the world of what ifs can only be experienced and never explained. Grab the opportunity while it lasts.

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