Let me fade….

Wilting like trees, screaming in pain

It is a never-ending feeling of disbelief

Trauma, ignominy, and tribulation

Replaced happiness, strength, and relief


In darkness, a life hovers

The chances of survival seem bleak

My spirit seems stranded in wooden coffers


My soul seems to have given up on life

I’m being butchered with axes and knives

They can’t see, they’re smothering me

My flesh bleeds, can’t you see?


I want to drown deeper and deeper

Into minutes of solitude

I want to see life with my eyes glued


The relief I seek and receive

Yet again floods

Deep into the depths of darkness

And drains down into a pool of blood


My heart is in a state of misery

A thousand questions arise,

But these questions don’t need an answer

These questions are nothing but harbingers of pain and sorrow

They’ve emerged out of nowhere in disguise


The day is nearing its end

But still, it is scorching hot out here

I badly need some shade

It is time for me do bid adieu and go

Don’t ask me to stop

Just let me fade…..


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