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Ask Nikhil Sai, a B.com graduate from the Loyola College about the restaurants in Chennai and he gives this big wide grin and says “You have come to the right person”. This young man has been dining in Chennai’s variety of restaurants just for the joy of eating and the experience that each hotel offers. From Indian, Chinese to Mexican cuisines he has the details of the restaurants at fingertips.. A few of his recommendations for that hungry belly !


1. Aloft International

Too lazy to cook breakfast all by yourself ? Need a change?
Drive to the Aloft International to kickstart your day !

Where? ECR

Why here? Variety of choices for a morning meal with a taste that’s completely on a different level.

What’s hot? Cereals,Salads,Sandwiches,South Indian breakfasts,British breakfast juices and what not?
Quick! make your choice.

Wow factor: 4 start deluxe hotel, Appealing ambience.

2. Sparsa Resorts

Are you an Anti -Vegetarian? Well enter this place and you will forget all about meat.

Where? Thiruvannamalai

Why here? To relish the real taste of Vegetarian foods and appreciate the taste. A great choice for the fruitarians.

What’s hot? You simply can’t miss the cottage cheese steak.

Wow factor : India’s best Eco friendly resort.
3.Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory

Are you a sweetie? Oh of course you are. Now get ready with your lab coats on to experience ultimate sugariness.

Where? Nungambakkam

Why here? Enjoy the best Deserts and Milkshakes in town.

What’s hot? A simulation of a Chemistry lab with the deserts served in beakers and test tubes.

Wow factor: Best desert based hotel you can find.

4. Tuscana

It’s Pizza time !! Know how the true Tuscana pizzas.

Where? Nungambakkam, Nandanam,Royapettah

Why here? Finest place for the pizza lovers.

Whats hot? Savor the original Italian pizzas, Pasta, Pana Cotta.

Wow factor: Discover Italian flavor in Chennai.

5. Haagen Dazs

Scoop out the Eifell tower and the London bridge zests from your ice cream cups at the Haagen Dazs.

Where? Nungambakkam , Velachery

Why here? Un surpassed quality of Ice creams.

What’s hot? Ice creams that have the ability to make you melt.

Wow factor: The costs are a bit too expensive but worth every penny.

6. Cascade

Where? Medavakkam

Why here? The second best Chinese restaurant next to Mainland China. One person can’t finish the Lobster they provide. Phew! It’s that huge.

What’s hot? The menu has evolved over the years and is a perfect combination of authentic Chinese, transformed Chinese , thai and other oriental food.

Wow factor: Cascade is synonymous with a comfortable all-family environment and great value for money.


Now here is a restaurant that has all kinda cuisines including Mediterranean, Mexican, Indian and much more.

Where? Nungambakkam

Why here? The range of main course is wide. Across all cuisines. Nachos and dorritos are good and they’re served with rice n very good gravy!

Wow factor : It’s a vegetarian restaurant. Best food here is Mexican
The ambiance is pleasing and music is not loud too. Worth visiting and is highly recommended.
8. Asiana

Drop here for a satisfied meal that is incomparable.

Where? OMR

Why here? Fine dining experience

What’s hot? Know- how the Continental and Tropical dish expertness. Chicken breast sandwich cannot be missed.

Wow factor: 5 star hotel.

9. Haji ali

Shake it up with the refreshing Haji Ali milkshakes.

Where? Thousand lights

Why here? Amazing milkshakes and sandwiches.

What’s hot? Simply can’t say no to the Vanilla milkshake and the grilled sandwiches.

Wow factor: Multiple range of flavors to choose from.


Wathashiwa Dahalia dhus!
Experience the real Japanese tang at the Dahalia.

Where? Nungambakkam

Why here? Traditional food served in their traditional way.

What’s hot? The ambience and service.

Wow factor: Do not miss the Sushi dish !

Well, what are you waiting for? Favour your tongues with some flavours, now!

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