Movie Review: Adam

It did not have a melodramatic ending but the movie had an effect on me. Adam is a romantic-comedy/indie film directed by Max Mayer starring Hugh Dancy as Adam Rick, Rose Byrne as Beth Buchwald, Peter Gallagher as Marty Buchwald, Frankie Faison as Harlan and Amy Irving as Rebecca Buchwald.

Beth meets Adam at her new apartment. While Beth battles with a painful past, Adam suffers from Asperger’s Syndrom – also known as high-functioning-autism. Although a very talented man, he only manages to get an electrical engineering job he holds via his father convincing the boss to hire him. Which he gets fired from towards the middle. We are soon introduced to another character Harlan, who supports and guides Adam. Harlan encourages him to ask Beth out and fill out applications for a job. The movie mainly revolves around their unusual and unique relationship and Adam’s struggle to cope with the social awkwardness. He is shown as a man who is interested in space and first tries to impress Beth by showing a projection of space at his place.

The story picked up quite a few habits that people with Asperger’s have like how Adam doesn’t look at people in the face or how he becomes agitated at work over comments that his boss makes that are meant to be humorous or confidence building or how he struggles to find the right words while talking. I liked how the centre of the story was Adam’s and Beth’s relationship rather than making it only about his troubles. However, I could not see the point of having the court case as one of the central stories. Although, it did push the movie forward, focusing less on that and more on Adam and his little habits would have taken the movie to whole another level. There weren’t enough showcase of the things that people with Asperger’s Syndrom face, had they added a few more details of the neurotic diseases, it would have added a whole new depth to the movie.

I especially liked the ending because it was very realistic, or at least to some extent. Overall it was a really heartwarming and touchy movie with little jokes that will make you laugh. It is definitely worth your time. The actors did justice to their characters and the writers beautifully formed some of the dialogues. If you have been wanting to watch movies that shows autism and their effects, this is definitely a good one.

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