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Gone are the times when people asked for the help of a third person to take a picture for them. ‘Selfie’ or to be more specific ‘, Self photography’ is the talk or rather ‘click’ of the town! Since the invention of social networking sites, the selfie craze has been on rounds but it is in the latest times that it has gained so much attention. Whether you are in a beach, a park, your favourite restaurant or even in the restroom you are always allowed to take a picture of yourself and post it online. To keep the world informed about where you are, whom you are with and what you do is the prime reason for the selfie trend.


People want their lives to be an open book to others or at least pretend like that is what they want. If your relationship status can go public and reach about 800 people on your friend’s list, so can a selfie. A new haircut or a stylish party wear deserves to be appreciated and what if you do not have someone to capture the moment? Why fear when selfie is here? With every Tom Dick and Harry owning a mobile phone the selfie trend has spread faster than any disastrous virus in the whole wide world. A normal 8 megapixel camera can give a quality picture of you these days which is an icing on the cake for the photo lovers. It need not be a single person’s photo everytime. When a selfie is taken with many people it is called the ‘USie’. Yea, few years down the line you can expect this term to be in the dictionary too.

Despite its enormous ability to make people feel good about them the sad fact is that the process of taking a selfie can make you go mad if you don’t get the perfect click. It can affect your psychology without even you realising it. Unbelievable? Well, reports say that a man attempted suicide after failing to take the “RIGHT “selfie for about ten hours a day in April 2014. Everyone wants to look good, no matter if they are in front of the camera or not and it is not wrong to feel so unless it doesn’t make you act like you’re out of your brains. Want to admire yourself? Do it alone, inside your room, in front of your mirror. Well hey! Who are you to say so? Of course it is an individual’s right to express themselves in whichever way desired but to consider other’s feelings while looking at your obsessed self is a request to be taken down. Find a real reason for a selfie and you will seem more realistic to humankind.

And just as I was writing this I hear my friend walk in saying “Look what I got! The selfie expert’s latest mobile.My profile picture needs an update. Come on baby! Let’s take the selfie!” and I posed making sure my tongue and brains were out.

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