Rendezvous with Traffic Jams and unplanned weekend “Is it a daily dose for life now”

Rendezvous with Traffic Jams and unplanned weekends

 “Is it a daily dose for life now”      


Well, it was the last hairpin to be attached,

Into her beautiful blossoming bouquet over head

But the alarming sound of the car interrupted,

She looked back with lack of amazement

But full of anguishness and disagreement

Seems wanted to convey a small message

Which must have been something like that,

Car has no wings and if it would have had

 She would have flew over the the bloody traffic jam.

And as if that was not enough for that Angry lady,

Cab upfront took an emergency break,

With no mercy taking the poor car bumper on stake.

The scene, a regular for all our professionals and in style if we say,

Life appoints its  Rendezvous with  heavy traffic  jams  in  peak hours   everyday

All in a hurry, lack of synchronized approach,

Haphazard moving vehicles and schedules going hectic,

And of course at times some unexpected and uncontrolled tragic.

But the significant part is, amidst all these drama,

People still reach their offices with 10 min of dilemma


Life in a metro is we all talk about,

Sometimes even proud of living the way we walk out.

But is there anything more to talk of,

Same weekends every time, though we keep waiting and the weekend goes off,

May be a beer or two or even a disc can’t be ruled out.

For smokers, it’s not an issue as it hardly cuts the number short.

But that’s not possible on all the weekends

When your mom firing bombshells  on your head end.

You have still to complete those boring family assignments,

Which you hate to be made a part of as you have all the commitments,

And what if your dad caught you making plans for some cool outing,

A fury of unwanted suggestions  from him which makes you feel like shouting.

And take my word dude; your evening is completely done.

As  you realize how time runs.

Go for early sleep without any sorrow

As Sunday is the only thing waiting for you tomorrow.


Sun on high and family waiting for you in the dining room,

And you left your bed around 12:00 in the noon.

Few plans getting through, few still to get executed,

And others only into the making though unexpected.

But most of them getting dumped which certainly is not a new thing,

As the records of last 12 weekends bring.

And as the sun set himself to reach the other end of sky,

Sunday had met with yet another speechless and a boring cry


Hardly had you decided the combination of your next day wearing,

Even shoes could not get polished with the night disappearing.

Moreover you don’t even know when the last song kept repeating,

Until your mom switched off your PC and found you sleeping.

“Get ready for the day my son”, you can hear his voice.

Bringing you out of your dreams without your own choice

Hey that’s your dad and a cup of tea lying beside you

Eyes going straight to the nearest watch and you need to run through.

Monday blues gets further worsened,

When your cab driver warns you again

“Sir, you could have been left today as well”, and you can feel your vein.

What else man!! Yet another journey starts in its way

As Life appoints its  Rendezvous with  Heavy traffic  jams  in  peak hours  everyday.

Tarun Kaushik

Well , I feel that am on this planet to spread as much happiness as I can.

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