Samaritan-ism can never be expressed through


“A good Samaritan” is the one who is helpful and also charitable. One is considered to be a Samaritan when they help people in their illness with no regard for the other’s culture, race, religion, place and behaviour. An article of mere six hundred words can hardly define what a Good Samaritan is.

But as we refer to the word ‘Samaritan’ we can just go to the history and begin to learn from where it all started again. Good Samaritan is mentioned in the popular ‘parable of the good samaritan’ by Jesus in one of the gospels in the new testaments. According to these parables a Samaritan was the one who helped the strangers or in this case even the oppositions (Jews). This is where it all started from, the reference to the person who helps the other in need for compassionate motives and with no thought of reward is colloquially phrased as “Good Samaritan” and is referred as such since.

Coming to the present, we all quite know who a good samaritan is and what such a person is expected to be but do we really find any such people for real? The answer may be yes or no but as we all think about it do we refer to ourselves as good samaritans? When we start to think about it we do wish to be referred as such or to be called as one. Personally, for a person like me who can’t bear to think about anything that is heart-breaking, I have started to feel inspired by just the meaning of word Samaritan.

In today’s world we always expect others to be the ones to take the burden but we never put ourselves in that position. We proclaim to be honorable with many more awards that sit on our desks but never do we realize that we have never done anything that we really deserve to be awarded for. A good samaritan is not only the one who helps people in physical illness but also in other unfortunate situations. A person who can see themselves giving up their own possessions for someone who is in need, a person who stands up for the people who can’t do that for themselves, a person who leads the ones who need someone to show the path.

When I have asked “If I call you as a Samaritan what would you expect yourself to do?” a dear friend of mine said her first step would be to give-up expecting returns of any kind from other people. “It never matters if I have helped the person or not I don’t even expect a thank you from the person, if I did then I wouldn’t be a good samaritan as you said, would I?” was what she said. Every person on this world living or dead was, are and will be good Samaritans when they remain selfless.

You can be called a good samaritan when you donate a few shells to homeless outside, you can be called a good samaritan when you help your friend in crisis and never expect him to know about it, and you can be called a good samaritan when you sacrifice your passion for someone who does not even care for you. And there is some or other quality of a Good Samaritan running through the veins of every human being. The one thing we won’t realize is we are being chewed upon by our own ego and selfishness that hinders the samaritan inside you from showing up.

We do not need to search dictionaries and go through all the parables to know what a samaritan is or to know who a true samaritan look like. Dare I say that a true Good Samaritan is someone who is behind all the skin of yours where you have covered him with sheets of blank and blind narcissism, ego, and ungenerous attitude?

And that is all we need to know who a good samaritan is, now there is no way we are sitting and waiting for the so called Samaritan to come and help us, to come lead us. We all are that we have been waiting for. We are as we want to be referred as “The Good Samaritans”.


Sai Chaitanya Banala

Engineer by ambition , writer by passion !!

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