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Shooting the Breeze with Savi Sharma

“Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined to hearts.” 

This particular quote should definitely make you want to drop everything and read the book “Everyone Has a Story” penned down by Savi Sharma. I recently interviewed her and she got quite candid with me. Read on to know more!

1. How exactly would you describe yourself to people?

I am a simple girl with simple dreams. Apart from being a writer, I am co-founder of the media blog, Life & People where we create and publish inspirational and motivational content. I’m a person of values, emotions, and ethics. I believe that an author can be better known from his/her works.

 2. When did you first realize you wanted to be a      writer?

After three years of hard work, late night studies and unlimited hours at classes, I was going to take my final year CA exams the next day. While solving an accountancy question that night, I didn’t remember how the professor taught me to solve it but his favorite words he always repeated, ‘Choice Aapki Hai’.

After half an hour, I didn’t write the solution to the accounts problem, but a poem with those same words ‘Choice Apki Hai’. After taking a journey of my childhood memories, I questioned what I actually wanted from my life – a Chartered Accountant Degree or something else. I looked back at my life and realized that what always interested me were stories and that’s what I wanted to become – A Storyteller.  

3. What, according to you, was the exact inspiration behind “Everyone Has a Story’’?

Before this book, I wrote another book, but I thought it was immature, and not really ready for publishing. A friend advised me to write about something more personal, from the heart. Looking for inspiration, I decided to turn to myself, and the result was a book populated by characters carrying parts of me. From the idea of writing about myself comes a character looking for her first story — Meera, another one who has the urge to travel the world — Vivaan, and someone who wants to open a café — Kabir. All of them are part of me.

4. Tell us something about the creative process that goes into your books.

It took me around 4-5 months to finalize the plot of my first book. And then I spent 2 months on writing the first draft. I draw inspiration from real life experiences and by observing people around me. Most of the great lines in my novel were penned down by exploring myself deeply.

5) Which writers did you idolize the most?

Paulo Coelho, Mark Zusak, Robin Sharma, Mahatria Ra.

6) You chose to go the non-traditional route and publish the book without the backing of a publishing house. Could you tell me why you decided to go that route?

If I had gone the traditional way, I would have had to wait for months to get it published. I didn’t want to wait; I knew I had a good story to show to the world. I simply believed in the power of social media and the internet to promote my book myself.

7) Tell us something about the creative process that goes into your blog ‘Life and People’.

I am a Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer at Life & People where my role is to write, curate and publish interesting articles related to Positivity, Law of Attraction, Spirituality, Meditation, etc which has helped in my personal and professional development. Importantly, it has given me a higher perspective of life and people which is very important for a storyteller.

 8) Tell us something about your current projects.

I am currently working on my next novel which would be an inspirational novel and also on few short stories for my readers.

 9) If not an author, what career do you think you would have pursued?

A filmmaker or a Professor.

10) Do you believe the written word still has the power to influence the masses in the age of technology?

With a demanding schedule, countless obligations and tech revolving lives, books offer an escape. I think reading gives us a chance to feel love and reminds us that we are human and not machines. Written words make us believe that there is a beautiful, exciting world out there and offer a great deal of emotional release.

11) What is your advice to people who want to break into the writing world?

I am not yet at a stage where I can suggest or advice other writers, I have much more to learn. Still, I can share what I feel and follow: When I was writing the book, my purpose was to tell a story rather than thinking about publishing, distributing or marketing. Of course, these aspects are very important for reaching out to readers but consider them in phase 2. While writing the story, it’s only you and your words. Write what you feel, what your heart want to write, and rest shall follow.





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