Watches are no longer just timekeeping devices thanks to major-league advancements in the Wearable technology domain.

Smart watches are watches with extended functionalities beyond conventional watches similar to a personal digital assistant and can be worn with customized wristbands or as a clip.

So, what makes smart watches smart? Read on to find out.

Calls to the linked smart phone can be managed on a smart watch. There are options to reject, mute calls or to take it on a headset. E-mails and messages can be read conveniently from your wrist on the go. This feature makes it very convenient for people who read e-mails when jogging, working out etc.

Smart watches remind you of saved reminders by vibrating gently. A vibration directly atop your skin is hard to miss unlike a mobile’s vibration within the confines of your thick jean or a bag. So never again will you miss another event, at least not on your watch.

Smart watches can be loaded with fun apps that can keep your hands busy. ‘Smart watch apps’ will be available in the application store corresponding to your device. A peek into your friends’ social lives will become all the more easier as Facebook messages, notifications and tweets will be accessible from a smart watch.

Smart watches can be made to act as a remote to control the music player on a smart phone with the aid of an app. This feature eases the effort of playing, pausing, fast forwarding songs on a smart phone. Certain smart watches also provide camera control over the linked smart phone. Smart watches also come with bluetooth facilities. Presentations in meetings can be run conveniently by flicking through slides on the smart watch with the help of bluetooth connectivity.

Smart watches also cater to fitness freaks. They act as activity trackers keeping track of exercise regiments, heart rates and amount of calories burned as a result of work outs and physical movements such as jogging. The biometric data that is collected can be analyzed later. A few recent variants of fitness tracking smart watches track and store data for a number of adventure sports such as skiing, hiking etc and leisure sports such as golf.

Smart watches can be a life saving accessory during emergency situations. Smart monitors as they are called can quickly detect seizures and send an alert to the emergency contacts enabling quick medical care. Smart monitors may also be used to track the behavior of dementia patients and therefore assist in improving the quality of their lives.

FiLIP smart watch, that is yet to be released, is fitted with a GPS tracking system that will help parents monitor their young children conspicuously. If a child is in danger, all he/she has to do is press the Emergency button that is a part of the watch and calls will be made initially to the parents and then to the authorities, in case of no response. Yet another smart watch project that is currently in the pilot stages is ‘Smart Watch for Women’. It has a button that can be used by women to inform nearby police in case they feel that they are in danger. This watch gets connected to the satellite through GPS when activated and satellite position at the time of message and the time of message transmission would be made aware to the police. Thus smart watches provide utilities beyond just being a miniature smart phone on the wrist.


Pebble Smart Watch(a Kickstarter phenomenon), designed to be a stand alone smart device is the most favorite amongst the few smart watches that have made their entry into this emerging market.

Martian Smart Watch and i’m Smart Watch are the most sophisticated looking models available in the market.Sony Smart Watch 2 is also making waves in the market. But it is currently compatible only with android devices. Cookoo Watch on the other hand is compatible with iOS and Android.

There are outspread rumors that Apple may come out with a smart watch named iWatch sometime soon.If the rumors are anything to go by, the iWatch will be the most anticipated device of the year.

Smart watch is definitely an avant-garde advancement in the field of Wearable Technology. Get the world closer than ever to your finger tips with a swank smart watch of your own.



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