Spice It Up with these 7 Yoga Hybrids!

Yoga has come a long way from the land of the Indus, to form its own embodiments the world over. If not just for spiritual awakening, it has become a means of physical fitness & wellbeing with an array of fun fusions to choose from. Here are 8 types of Yoga Hybrids that can make your workout all the more stimulating –

1. Hot Yoga

As the name goes, this intense Yoga sequence is practised in a sauna like studio, heated up to a good 40° C with 40% humidity, helping tissues stretch & increase the flexibility of the body while the release of sweat in the process is said to help flush toxins from the body. It also increases blood flow, and stimulates the metabolism, featuring Hatha yoga Asanas in course of action.

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2. Power Yoga

Power Yoga centres on a vigorous schedule of a sort of ‘gym yoga’, quick movements & cardio output, focusing on building strength over flexibility, inspired from the Ashtanga Yoga. It helps burn calories & reduces fat, improves muscle mass and increases metabolism, set in a fast paced workout ideal for people desiring quick results.

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3. Aerial Yoga

The next big thing in the world of Yoga, this ‘anti-gravity’ style involves performing yogic exercises combined with dance and aerial acrobatics with the help of a suspended hammock allowing flexibility and easy movement by stretching and strengthening the body & decompressing the spine, a fun filled, stress buster workout.

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4. Prenatal Yoga

This style of Yoga is for the Moms to be, where the much needed Physical, Mental & Emotional strength is gained & helps the mother & child stay healthy & fit, encouraging stretching, meditation, breathing & relaxation exercises. It reduces stress and anxiety, body aches, nausea & other common pregnancy disorders.

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5. Trampoline Yoga

Think of this Yoga as child’s play, jumping your way to fitness & pure bliss, with a series of rhythmic jump sequences, breathing and stretching exercises performed on a mini trampoline. This form of Yoga not only makes you happier with all the endorphin release it enhances flexibility, balance & cardio workout, tones the body & strengthens muscles & joints as well.

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6. Acro Yoga

Grab your Yoga buddy & get going to perform a combination of acrobatics, Thai massage & Yoga, made for anyone who is a keen learner. It enhances flexibility, balance & support, relieves stress though it is physically demanding at times. It also facilitates human interaction & co-operative, having people develop support & trust while they indulge in yogic practices.

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7. Aqua Yoga

Get off the mat & in the water, for aqua yoga is super low impact, improving strength, flexibility, and range of motion. The water provides buoyancy relaxing the muscles & going easy with the joints reducing chances of physical injury. It involves breathing, stretching & relaxation techniques while it quickly burns calories & releases stress, ideal for all water lovers.

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Samidha Bhatnagar

Samidha Bhatnagar