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A Battle of Arts

A Battle of Artists

Today they’re considered as two of the greatest artists in the world, but Leonardo da Vinci  and Michelangelo were, in…

The lesser known Dance Styles

The lesser known Dance Styles

Hip hop, salsa, contemporary, ballad, belly dancing, kathak, bharatnatyam are the first few dance styles that will come to one’s…

Art Attack

Art Attack!!

There is this new phase of Art Attack on Facebook, the idea is to fill Facebook with a little art….

All Things Quee

All Things Queer

I have always found poetry a tad dry and music a tad frivolous hence I never identified myself as an…

Impression elevated

Impression elevated

“One can do something if one can see and understand it…” – Claude Monet The one of a kind, a…

Let's make a Rangoli

Let’s make a Rangoli

Diwali is known as one of the most pompous festivals. It is a festival of lights and joy, a pandemonium…