It all started in 1939 when Timely publications first published comic book under the imprint Timely comics. Timely’s first publication included the first appearance of the Human Torch which was a show stealer. The second publication eventually sold 900000 copies.

After the Second World War, MARVEL saw an age of downfall. But soon in the late 1950s and early 1960s, DC Comics saw an uprising due to the success in reviving super heroes especially Flash, Wonder Girl, Green Lantern and other members of Justice league of America, MARVEL just did the same.

Marvel simply didn’t copy the scenario but intelligently stole the show by introducing a new concept of SUPER HEROES in real world. This led to the creation of Fantastic Four, the team of four super heroes debuted in November 1961. The original sense of adult sensibility and a new sense of realism helped MARVEL in making a cornerstone of company’s rise to international markets.

MARVEL soon started publishing titles like X Men, Hulk, Spider Man, Thor, Ant Man, and Iron Man which moved the company to the apex.

A lot of films based on Marvel characters were unveiled starting with Captain America (1944) serial.
Many of the stole the hearts of the audience, a few left them in surprise,a few made them laugh but every movie based on Marvel Comics is special and will remain at the apex.

Movies based on Marvel Comics are proud owners of “1000 million dollars at box office “which include the prestigious Marvel’s Avengers (2012) and Iron Man 3 (2013) leaving behind a record $1511.8 (in millions) and $1212.4(M) respectively.

The  most famous movies of the series include X Men, Spider Man, S.H.I.E.L.D (TV Show), THOR, Hulk. Marvel Entertainment has a line up for movies until 2018 like no other studio in the world.

Gone are those days when kids enjoyed the Patch , Bam , Pow , Wow on paper comics , the new age of superheroes include everything and anything possible to present the realism on screen. The best production studios of Hollywood and Marvel Studios showcase the characters on silver screen like never before. Although the movies are for anybody, they are often aimed at purely devoted fans too. One such movie which recently hit the silver screen is X MEN: Days of Future Past. The essence of the movie can only be enjoyed by the ones who have watched all the other movies. Even the post – credit scene is for such audience.

X Men, Fantastic Four are movies where not just one person is made the HERO OF THE DAY. Taking the audience to a whole new level of connecting with super heroes, these movies are simply blockbusters at the end of the day.

The films are a balance of superpowers, emotional connections, exposition, characters and special effects. Every movie is crafted carefully with little of the details kept in mind. I personally ask myself every time I watch an X-Men movie if mutation could be possible.

Go watch every Marvel movie if you haven’t and ** DO NOT ENCOURAGE PIRACY!!

Sai Chaitanya Banala

Engineer by ambition , writer by passion !!

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