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What’s special this October 27th?

Well, most of us would say it’s a couple of days before Diwali and a time to celebrate. Yes, definitely it is a time to celebrate not just Diwali but Humanity as well. One man among us, is going to be honoured on an International platform for his service to children and mankind. Iyyappan Subramaniyan, the founder of Sri Arunodhayam, a charitable trust and home for the mentally destitute children has dedicated his time and effort to provide love,care and shelter to such children from the year 2002.The home which was started with a single child is now taking care of a 106 special children. Most of these kids are abandoned by their families and are rescued by Arunodhayam who try their level best to re unite them with their family members. Some children who require extra medical attention are sent to specialised care centres as well.

Apart from providing the basic necessities, Arunodhayam gives the children opportunities to learn,revive and express themselves through various programs and therapies as well. They also run a vocational training unit called Prayatna, where children who are 18 years and above are trained in vocational careers such as the making of paper bags, envelopes, candles, beads and book binding. Any child that enters the home goes through the pre primary, primary and then vocational level as they grow and develop their skills. Sports,cultural activities are equally encouraged as well.

Iyyapan,has been recognised widely for his constant efforts to bring a change to the lives of such mentally destitute children for more than 15 years. One such recognition is the World of Children Award that is to be given to him on October 27th 2016 at the New York City.

World of Children Award improves the lives of vulnerable children by funding and elevating the most effective changemakers for children worldwide.Every year, five people from around the world are chosen for this award and one such changemaker from India is Iyyapan Subramanian.

The other honourees of the awards are Claire Wineland,Ponheary Ly,Dusica Popadic and Jimmy Drecore. Along with the award, these honourees are given $50,000 over a period of three years using which Sri Arunodayam is planning to expand his home to care for more children who need love and care.

This is not the end. Iyyapan still has a long way to go and he wants to spread awareness about the kids he nurtures and teach the society to embrace children with differences.
Irrespective of what recognition he gets,his focus purely lies on improving the conditions for the ‘Children of God’ who seek his help to regain a new life.

For his service to continue, we need more willing hearts to support Iyyapan who is a real hero amongst us.

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