Whats Cooking

Agra’s ‘Gourmet Club’ helping 200 home-chefs set new records and evoking shine

Prove your metal and then there’s no looking back. Certainly! And Renuka Dang has proved her metal. From not being health conscious to turning into a successful nutritionist and entrepreneur she has come a long way. A dedicated doctor she is a naturopath and is now the number one nutritionist …


Silenced Agony

A rap on the door, then two She peeps out then creeps back in. Panic strikes as the strangers ask her to let them in, She locks the door and blocks possible entrances. Crouched in a corner, Unsure of escape. She clings to hope, Says a silent prayer. Footsteps. She …

Fitness Fundas

Haywire routines of college students

The transition from school to college is drastic though it may seem that it is not. Peers get daunting, schedules go awry and the mess keeps getting messier. There is a constant unspoken pressure to look good and people tend to get conscious about the same. Fitness does play an …