About Youthopia

Youthopia is India’s only freestyle expression platform catering exclusively to the determined & enthusiastic youth.

With “Reflect Thyself” as its undercurrent, Youthopia is an outlet to that strong gust of creativity flowing through the youth which has not yet been unraveled to the world at large. Youthopia is that podium where YOU could showcase your talents for everybody to acknowledge. And you never know where that kind of spotlight can take you!

Today we enjoy an audience of 120,000+ from across the globe. Writers, Artists, Photographers, Musicians have been benefiting from this platform since 2012. Youthopia works with youth from all walks of life on aspects of skill building and confidence boosting. We choose to address this through Art, Literature, Music and Photography; unlike the traditional theoretical class room approach. By providing a platform to showcase one’s talent, we are encouraging people to break the barriers of communication, reach out and seek encouragement from a larger audience on Youthopia.

Youthopia believes in the African idea of “Ubuntu” – I am because We are!

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