“I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.”
― Jane Austen, Persuasion
In any field, when we read the history, we always read about the first woman contribution to the field. That, is what feminist’s true pride is. It’s really sad to realise that a part of this organisation (who aren’t really), use feminism as an excuse to support their greed, otherwise, action. Feminsim isn’t a convenience but equality at it’s best.

It was first coined by a socialist and philosopher, Charles Fourier, as “feminisme” in France and Netherlands. Women, in time, have progressed (and excelled) in all fields. My favourite being, ‘women in music’. Frankly, I am someone who is vry much biased to a female voice. It has that depth, that not-so-often men can create but can certainly feel. EVERYONE CAN. Why?


It’s said that no one can truly understand a woman. I don’t get it. Why does that have to be negative? Can you understand life or philosophy? No, right? Only aspects of it. It’s mysterious, that’s why beautiful. To me, so is a woman. She has so many colors……….Feel them. Love them. Explore them, but yes, please do not exploit them.

You know how water takes the shape of the container? Women does too. You know how a tsunami destroys everything that held it at bay? So can a woman. But she chooses not to.



I wrote something a while back that comes close to describing a woman, linked with compassion, that ends this expression:

Give me a hand, and i’ll lend you one,
together let us celebrate the heartfelt pain of judgement.
Maybe this will help us both,
does it matter even if it destroys us whole?
See that old lady? She is a lonesome lover.
Faithful to her man till the very last breath.
Do you have the compassion to be selfless to her?
Yeah, I doubt it too.
Still, come, let us try.

Palak Loyalka

Love Spiritualism and Philosophy. Hobbies include: painting, dancing, travelling, Reading (anything I can get my hands on), science, writing, music (obviously) singing, and social work. Feel free to talk to me about any random thing that comes to your mind! Cheers!