How long is a piece of string.

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

I always loved the writings that started with a quote. So you’ll find all my articles start with one. Like this. I wanted to write a quote that said something about growing up and this is something I really connect to at this point in my life.

It comes down to perspective, doesn’t it? What is history, but a perception a bunch of people agreed to? What is society or civics? They are perspectives practised with trial and error and the one that worked best was picked up by the scholars. Confused? To put it simply, what is right for me could be wrong for you, and vice versa. Perspectives.

But that isn’t what we will be debating about here. The gist of this account is simple: It’s my belief and my truth – to trade with your inner self is so much more gruelling than what life throws at you. No kidding. This goes against what you were said, I know.

‘Dealing with depression is easy, it’s all in the head. I’ve dealt with worse and real-life situations.’ 


It won’t be the first time I hear such things if you say it. But tell you what, ask anyone who had had a mental disorder or is close to someone dealing with one. They’ll tell you the same thing. Perhaps, ask yourself: Is it the loss in the business that was difficult or the stress that came with being behind on the bills? Yes, it’s all in the head but that, right there, is the strain in life.


You know why is it so difficult to deal with? The foremost reason: our social stigma. We are supposed to be strong-headed. Not cry. Be emotionally strong. Life throws shit at you and you are just suppose to buckle up, we are told. I agree, completely. But here is my problem: Do you give us the time and space to get it together? Of course you don’t. It’s supposed to happen magically, right?

Another reason is that we tame ourselves in believing that we are being, well, ‘stupid’ . And when we can’t deal with the pressure our loved ones has created, we tend to start escaping the reality. So, for once, know that even your loved ones can be wrong with no fault of their own. It’s just how this era is build.

I am not going to end here just pointing at the problem. Neither am I going to give you a solution. But I’ll tell you what, read this article again and you’ll know where to start.


Perhaps, I am a strong believer of relativism. Emotional maturity is the most underrated facet in our society. I would like to believe that it’s slowly changing and I have penned down these words in the same hope.


Palak Loyalka

Love Spiritualism and Philosophy. Hobbies include: painting, dancing, travelling, Reading (anything I can get my hands on), science, writing, music (obviously) singing, and social work. Feel free to talk to me about any random thing that comes to your mind! Cheers!