The Girl Who Wouldn’t Drown

Because there is a world hidden inside us all,

that only shows up in the hours of dark.

What is that dark for you mate?

Is it beautiful or foul as a hate?

Either ways, lets play along with its game.

Can you feel it passing through the shore of your heart?

To those tiny veins who are trying not to blast.

Do you know why its working so hard?

It’s so you could survive for long.

Don’t be selfish, help her out.

All she asks of you is to feel it all.

Feel the slither, feel the pain,

just to let her know you’re staying.


I feel the slither, I feel the pain.

Let me see if I can put it on pen.

Imagine a dark pulling you apart,

humoring you with a hollow laugh.

I am looking at it as I fall,

with my mind resonating the demons of dark.

Dark is brave, you are braver;

for you stood up to its thousand fallen angels.


Is a man too selfish if he decides to let go?

Yes he is, because what’s more selfish than letting her die.


Aren’t you more selfish in asking me to feel it’s way?

I don’t care enough, is all I can say.

Palak Loyalka

Love Spiritualism and Philosophy. Hobbies include: painting, dancing, travelling, Reading (anything I can get my hands on), science, writing, music (obviously) singing, and social work. Feel free to talk to me about any random thing that comes to your mind! Cheers!