In the absence of sports, life is death. An active walk in the morning can enhance your day with innumerable beneficiaries. Brisk involvement in a wide range of games will provide consistent results to anyone who wishes to obtain a good physique. Keeping in view of health and fitness, sports education is a crucial element that plays a vital role in the lives of the younger generation. Aerobics, pushups, dance, power lifting are also a kind of sport.

When it comes to real games played on the sports field, as the presence of competitive spirit between sports persons are high, they get tempted to achieve a prominent position especially if it means fame. Blindly following what their mind says, they take short routes for obtaining success.

Anabolic steroids are a performance enhancing drugs that are used to heighten the physical capacity of a sportsman to assure victory on their respective games. However, this is not encouraged by many sports organizations. Penalties are thrown upon athletes and other sportsmen utilizing the drug.

Doping started during the 19th century. The first person to get caught was Thomas Hicks who won the marathon in Saint Louis. Though this act came into practice as early in the year 1928, it was actually in 1999; a large number of sportsmen were found using the drug. Severe actions were taken against those ashamed by guilt.

The World Anti-doping Agency is a council for all the European countries. Forty eight states signed the treaty and even the non-European countries such as Australia, Canada and Tunisia signed it.

Anti-steroid campaign was first launched by United States of America in 2011.Don’t be an asterix was the name given to the first campaign held in 2008.

Ashwini Akkunji, Aicha Bani, Bodhisatva Bannerjee, Gaurav Bharadwaj, Reena Bittan, all of whom are athletes found using drugs like anabolic steroids in our country.

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Infantina Thanga Nivetha

Infantina Thanga Nivetha