five point and below

Let me give you a quick review of undergrad education system in India.

Half of the population in India opt for engineering as their stream in under-graduation , the remaining being in chaos of medicine and few others who try to go beyond the horizon are considered outcasts and aren’t encouraged much. Every student who is passionate dreams of going into an prestigious institute, and few people are forced to go in that direction.

Parents and students in India have given much greater importance these prestigious institutions, like the IIT, NIT, and IIM .Every 12th pass dreams about getting into them!

“What’s life in IIT like”?

That life isn’t as amazing as you thought it will be!

If you don’t believe me, then hear it from the insiders

The insiders in the book “5 point someone” by Chethan Bhagat

A heartwarming story of three outcasts who become pawns in the ultimate battle of IITan education, the story is almost based on the writer’s life (an IITan himself). The three guys screw-up in almost everything they do unintentionally. They try to repair it but the damage is done and they have fallen behind, they become 5 point (relating to grades provided in iit, five point something GPA means a really low grade)

What do they do to now, will they graduate?

For that you have read the book “5 Point someone” ,the book elegantly describes the situation of students in IIT’s and the unravels the mysteries of engineering education. Read the book if you are an engineering student or medicine or just a student in high school, you can easily relate the story to your situations and don’t forget to wink at the end.

haneesha thanati

a juvenile ,who trying to understand the miracles of universe.

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