There is no one in the world who doesn’t travel. It’s the novelty of visiting a new place and people give the travellers the thrill and excitement they crave. When the decisions are made to go on a travelling trip (you may either go alone or with your friends and family) you must have a proper set of plans so not to get yourself into unwanted problems in a totally new, unfamiliar destination.

You can go anywhere you like and do whatever you want; only because no one is going to restrict you most of the time, if you are a lone adventurer, no doubt you will have many best moments to relish than those who travel in packs due to the freedom. In my point of view, group travellers have less advantage than people who travel alone as they will be distracted by arguing and discussing among themselves what place they should visit next. To some extent, the broadening of their knowledge is hindered in the process.

An advantage of travelling and exploring hotspots alone is it serves as a good learning experience. You are about to gather so much information it is almost impossible if you sit in one place or travel with group. The main odds are the language they speak, food habits and the weather conditions when it comes to visiting another country or a state. You will probably get accustomed to it too because you are the one who wanted to travel in the first place.

Hiring a translator will be great for another country and then if you are interested in speaking a new language at the end of your expedition, you must not take the short cut. Normally, this will be very helpful for the group travelers. It will be great fun when you buy a language guide and use it along. Just remember a little preparation before in hand will not hurt at all.

“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.” -G.K.Chesterton

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Infantina Thanga Nivetha

Infantina Thanga Nivetha