Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai

A nine day fun-filled festival that occurs annually, around the area of the Jehangir Art Gallery, Churchgate, Mumbai, a festival that enhances the saying about Mumbai “a city of dreams; a city, that engulfs everybody in its arms; a city that never sleeps!” A magnanimous blend of vibrant colors  creative artistic exhibits and rich cultural heritage.

Being new to this city and having heard about this 15 year old grand festival from all my friends living here, no doubt my curiosity was utterly piqued.  Without ever having witnessed it before, I naturally made an assumption, that since it is a part-and-parcel of Mumbai, it would but obviously be yet another glamorous stage, a showbiz for social butterflies to mingle around and glitter. After all, I was told that Mumbai is like the Soho of London!

But all my pre-conceived notions were laid to rest when I finally visited it, and acquired a first hand experience. And believe me, I was entirely dumb-founded! I now take back my words, and say “If you ever happen to be in Mumbai during the first week of February, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is where you OUGHT TO BE!”

Very aptly said, Kala Ghoda is indeed a kaleidoscope of events that attracts tourist and visitors globally. Stretched across 12 categories – “Children, Music, Dance, Films, Visual Arts, Herit age walks, Workshops, Theater, Literature, Food, Stalls, Street Events”; this festival not only provides a platform for artists to display their works, but also encourages culture & tradition among all generations.

On the one hand, there are amusing activities like spelling bee to keep children engaged in a constructive manner, while on the other, it provides you with mouth-watering food delicacies. On the other hand, there are original works of creative minds via visual art installations, products and services that definitely make you want to be a spendthrift on a shopping spree. While in one corner of the venue is a crowd surrounding a group of students performing a street play, in the other corner is a potter spinning his wheel giving people the opportunity to create their own master pieces.


Since I ended up at the festival on the second last day, I missed all the major performances and movie screenings. But what I did get to witness is the amount of talent that lies in the city. Visual arts, a field most often criticized for portraying ambiguous and eccentric views by the artists; is definitely the apple of everybody’s eye at the KGAF; ‘coz when you have an entire sculpture built from pieces of scrap, you cannot help but adore the creation and praise the master-mind!


Breathtakingly intense display of artistic talent from art made from pieces of paper to motor cycle tanks; from metal wire to showcasing Mumbai in limelight; Have a quick look below and you shall know what I am exactly talking about. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is an unforgettable experience.


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