“I knew exactly where she’d hidden it,

All her hopes and dreams in a cold place,

Wherein she finds profound solace”,

Thought the man who was sure to find it.


There will be ups and downs as it is very tough,

To find the place that is so precious,

He struggled through the journey yet curious,

Every path he took was insurmountable and rough.


Travelling made him exhausted and weary,

But he didn’t give up on it as it was his love,

If given up it’ll fly away like a soaring dove,

Will never come back and the thought was so scary.


“Is there really a place?” he thought a bit annoyed,

Later it dawned on him that it was a trick,

Wanted an answer from his love as it acted like a prick,

It hurt him so much and he felt very insulted.


“Why did you lie?” his voice was falling apart,

She caressed his cheek and just smiled,

It made him furious and felt conned,

But then she whispered “that place is your heart”…….


I love reading, writing, painting and observing the surroundings.

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