Respect Women,Save Girl child

I killed my daughter because, she was a girl,

My sister was raped because, she was a girl.



It all started in a hospital where my all relatives were mourning because I killed my daughter because she was a girl. I was standing there thinking what to do next, then there came my mom with anger hit me on face and shouted, Why the hell, did I give birth to you ?.Those words made me collapse to the ground, I was down with a trauma.

Meanwhile, my sister was coming to the hospital when she heard about this incident. As she was coming, she was kidnapped by a goon, raped, killed and left on the road helpless.

With this I was totally went dark and suddenly I turned like an orphan after losing my sibling. That night I sat in a dark room crying out all time thinking of my past.

One day, my mom left me to my dad just to go our  neighbour and I immediately felt the touch of my dad, I found something rough and busted  out crying. My dad was unable to stop me. Then came my mom running and took me to her shoulder and  her gentle touch of love brought my smile back. I still remember the day my mom gifted me a baby, my sister, with whom I shared my bliss.In my 8th standard, I met a girl whom came very close to my heart and filled my incompleteness with bliss and blithe. She was my bolster and a good friend.

And all these ran round in my mind making me feel very sick and guilty. A thought that made me kill myself was

“I was brought up by a woman, shared my bliss with a woman, my incompleteness was filled by a woman and still I killed a future woman.

A man who is alike me raped a woman”

I allow my soul to say some few words about women, because I had already left this world to spent my rest of the time with my daughter and sissy. And one thing I am happy about is there is no word called death in heaven, where I can be forever with my daughter and sis.

Here is my soul,to say my last words….

“She is a Gift, To her Husband’s family.
She is a Pride, To her own family”

A Perfect Medicine to every man,
Taking off his pressures, Completely restricting to herself!!
“Girl extends the living in the Universe!!”
Idiots call it SEX
Matured, call it:
“Integration Of Lives” 
A Lonely Warrior in her Weak Times,
As she never shares her Sorrows,
Moreover, accepting from her,
Husband and Children.
She has Patience,
She has Emotions,
She has Tensions,
She has Worries,

Respect Women
Save GirlChild

“Man is born of a Woman, he is flesh of her flesh and bone of her bone “



Writings are the only means which can even melt the extra-terrestrial beings down to earth,making them aesthetic and moreover artistic. So,here i am to ignite the passive with my "Literary Trails".

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