The 10 Coolest Google Easter Eggs

The guys at Google, apart from being geeky geniuses also have a pretty awesome sense of humour. Yes people, our beloved Google is a quite the ‘troller’. Come 1st April, Google is always ready with a latest prank to fool us. Remember Google Nose? How many of us actually pressed our nose to that button hoping to smell vanilla or god knows what? I sure did. Almost everyone around me was falling for it. Then there are the famous Google Easter Eggs. Leave it to Google to come up with the most innovative hidden tricks, coded right into their normal search engine. While some of these celebrate festive occasions like ‘Let it Snow’, the rest can be enjoyed all year round. Here’s a list of 10 of the best, most awesome Google Easter Eggs:

Brick Breaker: Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of Brick Breaker. Smashing those bricks with the ball gives an odd kind of satisfaction. Google brings this fun to your fingertips without having to download anything, through its Atari Breakout Easter egg. Just search for “Atari Breakout” in Google images, and let the fun times begin.

Harlem Shake: We’ve all danced our share to the crazy tune of Harlem Shake, and enjoyed every bit of it. Apparently, YouTube is quite fond of doing the Harlem Shake as well. Just search for “Do the Harlem Shake” in YouTube and watch all your search results groove to the beats and do a cool jig.

Barrel Roll: Search for “Do a Barrel Roll” in Google and let Google take you for a spin as the entire page does a barrel roll.

Google Gravity: This is my personal favourite, something which I keep coming back to just to kill time. For this, you first need to turn off Instant results in Search Settings. Then go to and type Google Gravity in the search bar. Instead of Google search, click on I’m feeling lucky. Everything on the page will immediately fall down as if no gravity were present. Further you can move all the tabs and bars around, flip them over and throw them about by holding them with your cursor. Trust me, it’s pretty neat.

Pirate Interface: Ahoy! For all you buccaneering folks out there, Google totally speaks your lingo. Just change your Language to Pirate in Search Settings and go Arrrrr!!! ‘Sign in’ becomes ‘Sail into port’. ‘Settings’ become ‘me likes n dislikes’. And everything gets a few extra ‘rrrr’s.  Similarly you can also view a Pig Latin interface.

Tilt: This is one trick, which gets my OCD senses tingling. Search for ‘Tilt’ or ‘Askew’ and the entire page becomes skewed or tilted off axis.

Zerg Rush: Another seriously cool Easter egg, this one is an interactive trick where you have to protect your search results from being gobbled up by some hungry Google Os. Keep clicking on them to kill them. In the end, if you fail all the Os group to form two big Gs.

Google has the answers to everything: Like seriously. Search for ‘answer to life, the universe and everything’ and Google yields the answer as 42. This is a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, where the number appears as the answer to The Ultimate Question of life, the universe and everything, calculated by a supercomputer.

Similarly search for ‘once in a blue moon’ and Google will tell you exactly how often it occurs in Hertz. Also Google proves that 1 is the loneliest number and the number of horns on a unicorn too is 1.

Star Trek: Searching for ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ in YouTube makes all the search results beam onto the page like in Star Trek. Also searching for the same in Google, using voice search produces a vocal response saying “I cannot do it, Captain, I do not have the power” in the voice of Mr. Scott from Star Trek.

Pacman, Snake: Pacman is an all-time favourite for so many of us. Keeping that in mind, Google brings Google Pacman where searching for the same starts a playable version on the page. Similarly, you can play Snake (that awfully addictive game we all played on our old Nokias) on YouTube. Just press the left and up arrow keys while the video buffers, and the game starts.

These are just a few of the many tricks the Google developers have up their sleeve. So whenever you next find yourselves with some free time on your hands, do go and check these it. After all, you just gotta Google it.


Kaveri Sharma

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