5 Feet Apart

Two strangers with the same genetic disorder. What separates them also brings them closer. Millennial love is often termed as short lived. These two characters defied the assumed. From awkward first meet to sneaky dates, they found a place in our hearts.

Stella Grant a cystic fibrosis patient makes vlogs to cope up with her illness. A happy go lucky person she loves going around the hospital and finding joy in whatever she does. Poe her friend and fellow CF patient also joins in once in a while maintaining the rule of six feet apart. As Stella watches the new born babies through the glass a new CF patient joins her. Will Newman quite opposite to strict rule follower Stella is able to make a place in her heart.

The best scenes:

Their first date

Past the hospital rules and staff these two sneak out at night to the poolside of the hospital. In few words they expressed a lot. Emotions so pure flooding out in this beautiful and stripped down scene. Unable to touch each other due to the rules they find a way to open their souls and pour out their hearts. A stick between them maintains the six feet distance as they show each other the scars they adorn from multiple surgeries. They just look at each other and a million words are exchanged in those comforting silences. This scene was the perfect definition of ‘Aww’.

Poe passes away

Stella is heartbroken. She laments as she never hugged her best friend. She wanted to but was bound by restrictions. Her heart aches for her best friend. This really changes Stella and she decides to not follow rules too strictly.

The Goodbye

Aren’t goodbyes just the hardest? This one certainly was but etched a beautiful memory in Stella’s mind. When she couldn’t see the city lights outside, Will brings them to her. He convinces her to take the lung transplant that is available for her. After the transplant is successful Will does something so special. As Stella gains consciousness she sees the display of lights, a setup done by Will through the glass. He explains how his drug trial is not working and that he doesn’t want her to have to deal with his eventual death. Will confesses his love for her. He asks her to close her eyes because he says he won’t be able to leave if she is looking at him.

This movie taught us how to live in the moment. It made us witness the purest bond of love. It displayed an array of emotions all beautifully expressed. The cast has managed to leave the audience teary-eyed and smiling at the same time. The director’s vision for this film clearly shines through the amazing performances. This movie is a must watch if you love a good rom-com. Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson have managed to win hearts and keep us hooked throughout the film.

Raghavi Jhanjee

Writing found me and has never left since. I love to meet new people and also solve the different problems that people have. Adore dogs. I am free-spirited, fun loving and straightforward as a person.