Superwomen – story of 20 successful women entrepreneurs

Tell us something about your new book. What was the inspiration behind it, and what made you pick this idea, of women entrepreneurs? 

Superwomen is a story of 20 women Entrepreneurs who started their amazing journey when they were in their early twenties. Women featured in book come from various backgrounds and each of them have interesting story to tell. Book covers start ups like Zivame, Happy Hands, Your Dost, Ittisa. Each story has been weaved after multiple conversations with Entrepreneur themselves, where they talk about their journey, and their own ways of tackling challenges on the way.

How did you go ahead with publishing the book; publishing house or self-publishing?

Thanks to Shrishti publishers for trusting in my concept and publishing the book.

What are the biggest challenges that you have faced writing this book?

I think biggest challenge was to convince myself that I had done justice with these superwomen. All  stories are so beautiful and amazing that I was wondering if I am penning it fairly. Again, another challenge was being first time author. Initially, I had no publisher. I sent my manuscripts multiple times and post several iterations I finally found someone who trusted my concept and agreed to go ahead with Superwomen.

Why did you choose to become a writer? Is this your full time job? Have you written other books?

Writing seems to be in my genes. My father is a publisher of medical journals. I have been writing my thoughts on various issues as letter to editor since I was 10 years old.  I have always dreamt of writing a book that could inspire many. It was always on my bucket list. Never knew, this dream would come true so soon.

Can you tell us about your favorite books and writers, and how have they impacted you?

I have always been impacted by Chanakya writings, and Premchand was someone I grew up reading. As time passed, my thoughts changed and my taste for book changed from fiction to non-fiction. Currently, I am an ardent lover of non-fiction. And my favourite authors include Sudha Murthy, because of writing style, and the topics she touches upon. I like reading Paulo Coelho as well.

Do you think a writer has a responsibility to the society? How do you try to fulfill that responsibility, if you think there is one?

I strongly believe writer has responsibility towards the society. My book Superwomen is actually inspiring the upcoming women entrepreneurs fraternity.

What advise would you like to give to young writers, ones who have just begun and dream to make it big?

You might find several hiccups in the journey of achieving your dreams. Don’t get disheartened. Just keep moving.

Which has been your favourite work so far, from the ones you have authored?

I recently authored an article for your story” Why to date women entrepreneur”. I liked the article, as I find it close to my heart

Do you have any message for your readers?

Each one of us in gifted with unique talent. Explore that talent and reach your dreams.