An honest kid

He had a mobile phone in one hand and biscuits in another. A young boy he seemed.

“Phone at such a young age?” Raj interrogated

“I don’t know, ask him” I pointed out.

We were sitting outside a popular bakery at Hyderabad. Between our conversations we overheard the kid talking on his phone

‘No mom, three biscuits are left to sell. I’ll sell them and be home by 10.30-11’ he said.

I felt sad for him, but as if I could help. And while I was pondering my friend called out

“Hey kid! Come here”

He took him close and questioned- “What’s your name?  Where do you live?”

The kid told his name and he explained that he stayed far; he came here to sell biscuits and would reach home by 11’o clock.

I looked at the watch it was 9’o clock already.

“Bhaiya, please buy these biscuits. Only 5rs.” he put the biscuits forward.

“Ok, I’ll buy them, not an issue but first I want to talk to you. Come sit next to me”

I heard while they spoke

“Why have you come so far to sell biscuits? What do your parents do?”

“Sir, my mom does odd jobs nearby and my dad is no more. I have a younger brother to support.”

“Do you go to school? Do you like studying?”

“Yes, I love studying and I earn to finish my schooling, I want to be something in my life and make my mother proud” he said candidly

“Which standard are you in and which school? What are your fees? ”

I gave Raj a ‘why are you so bothered?’ look.

He told the name of his school and continued “I am in 8th STD and the fees is 700rs per semester”

A small amount it was.

My friend took his number and bought two packets of biscuits by giving him 200rs. I asked him why he did that and he explained-

I had only this much money right now and I gave it all to him. If I would have simply given him money, he wouldn’t have valued it and I wanted to help him so I am going to call him in a few days and I have promised him to fund his schooling and higher education as well; so that he can concentrate only on his studies.

He inspired me. He inspired the kid.

Small acts make a huge difference. We don’t have to be Ambanis’ to help somebody; all we need is a clean heart.

Raj did contact the kid but he said he had money. An honest kid he was.

It inspired Raj to save few of those thousand bucks which he spent on a single dinner and to help kids who actually need it for a bright future.

All we have to do is be little humane and you never know who looks up to you.

Krttika Shah

Change drives me, very vivacious, beaming and can speak for hours. I believe in lucid writing and simple thinking; high living.

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