Good Samaritans

A ‘Prayaash’ for Prayaash

Much needed in every Indian’s heart is a need for change. There is a clear yet unmarked difference between India and Bharat. Bharat lags behind the growing rate of India in every perspective. It’s nice when celebrities give out a helping hand. But it’s cooler when a bunch of engineering …

Tech Talk

The Iron Man Syndrome

You would agree with me that every time you watch the Iron Man movie, you fantasize that how you wish you could be iron man. Then it’s just about time when you finally realize that building that stuff is way out of your league and you give up the thought. …


Indian Cricket – A Saga of Delusion

Note – I am completely aware of the fact that the ratio of “cricket fans” to their “counterparts” is outstandingly huge. Err, I often get confused between these 2 sentences, “India is known for cricket” and the other, “Cricket is known for India”. Well apparently, both the statements sound equally …