Fitness Fundas

Why aren’t you losing weight?

Weight loss still remains a mystery for most people. In spite of their knowledge and education, most people still keep looking for that magic pill that would help us lose those extra pounds with no or minimum effort and this fuels one of the biggest scams in the world – …

Travel Hotspots


Tucked between the relatively gigantic countries of China and India, and surrounded by the Himalayan mountains lies the kingdom of Bhutan. Isolated from the rest of the world, Bhutan opened its doors to tourism late in 1974. The nation runs on a philosophy of Gross National Happiness which is an …

Good Samaritans

Be a Samaritan: Fight for a greater cause

Is humanity, or rather the “goodwill”, which has always existed in the mind of humans being pushed towards the brink of extinction? Perhaps. The recent terror attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka have certainly been eye-opening in terms of deciding the fate of humanity in the years to come. …