Charmed and Spell Bound

The name J.K.Rowling does not need any introduction to book lovers throughout the world. From Harry Potter’s first appearance in 1997 to the concluding part in 2007, the book series had grappled the hearts of millions around the world. The series excogitated a whole new world of fantasy which helped us escape the mundane realities of life into the transmundane imagery of fiction. The series presented Harry Potter, an ordinary commonplace lad who battled destiny to become the beacon of hope for many. Review of the book series would seem anserine at this point because Harry Potter is a common household name. Instead I would like to embark upon expressing some of the most wondrous aspects of the series.

1. The success of any book is dependent on the plot and storyline of the book and the Harry Potter series is no different. What made the series such a huge success is that the plot of each book is entwined with the storyline of the other books in the series. Right from the first book of the series we see two different storylines – one is the story of the current book while the other is the ultimate plot, the secret that is revealed in the end. Both these are interlaced and we are presented with a series that literally stuns us.

2. The imagination of the author and the expression of her creativity in words. The castle of Hogwarts, the Forbidden forest, the halls and rooms of the castle, the spells, charms and potions and the idea of giants, ghosts, goblins and elves – each one unique and creates a sense of awe in us. Even though the book is completely fictitious, we actually start to believe everything at some point through the book. Such is the writing of Rowling.

3. The portrayal of characters in a manner where we can actually connect with them on a personal level. Even though the characters perform magic and cast spells, they are portrayed as common people who commit mistakes, make blunders and ultimately learn from their experience. We cannot come across any ideal characters. The failures, losses and thoughtless tiffs that happen to every one of us also occur in the book which gives us a feeling of camaraderie with the characters.

4. The importance given to the characters. Rowling had taken utmost care to not to undermine any character in the book. Even trivial characters such as Arabella Figg, Dudley Dursley, Dedalus Diggle and many more are given the importance that they are due. Even the villain of the series is spoken with a kind of reverence mingled with repulsion – a shade that we would be hardpressed to find anywhere else.

The name Harry Potter has been a talisman for millions of teenagers for more than a decade now. The books litreally drip magic that even non-superstitious people would be forced to believe in powers far beyond the ordinary. Rowling is to fantasy just like Doyle is to mystery and Shakespeare is to classic.

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