Dubai: Top Notch Holiday Destination

No matter who you are, no matter you do or what your profession is; every single individual on this planet craves for a lavish holiday outing or a grand week out. And whoever plans a vacation or thinks about going has just one place in mind which has the potential of fulfilling all their holiday plans under one umbrella, and that place is the Gulf! Next, talk about the gulf and the numero uno holiday destination that strikes your mind is Dubai! Dubai is considered to be the heart of the gulf and rightly so. None can challenge the supremacy of Dubai when it comes to tourism and recreation. The city provides you with ample of new things which you would probably not find in your natives. So the question is that what are these opportunities and things? What makes Dubai stand out remarkably from the rest? What are the things that Dubai is famous for? Read on to know more.

The Burj Khalifa

The moment when you talk about the holiday destination of Dubai, the very first thing that strikes your mind is The Burj Khalifa. The tallest tower in the world is an absolute masterpiece to watch and gets even better to gaze at during the night time. The magnificent construction, the fabulous lighting and simply the aura that this sky scraper has is a self-defined story in its own. Undoubtedly it tops the list of things Dubai is famous for. If you are lucky enough, you could get the chance to climb up to the 134th floor of the building and have a look at the entire city from there. It is certainly a sight worth watching!

Burj Al Arab

What comes next in line is the world’s only seven star hotel since its construction, the one and only Burj Al Arab. This spectacular and eye grabbing hotel will definitely catch your attention if you visit this gulf city. There is an underwater seafood restaurant which you should surely dine in at if you are no short of budget. Most importantly it lies in the heart of the city and there are ample of other good shopping places around it. All of this adds up to the beauty of this hotel. No wonder why Dubai is known for this seven star hotel named Burj Al Arab!

The shopping extravaganza

Do not get startled by the heading. This is not a shopping festival. It is rather the fact that Dubai can well be the best shopping destination for any shopaholic person. Dubai is known for its richness in culture and the sophistication that surrounds diversity. There are a host of shopping malls and shopping complexes in every part of the city. The major shopping attractions are the Deira City Centre mall and the biggest mall of Dubai is the Mall of Emirates. These lavish shopping destinations in Dubai make it famous as the shopping hub of the Gulf! For the visitors who visit Dubai during the New Year, they can always catch up with the Dubai Shopping Festival!

The Mall Of Emirates

Elaborating the previous shopping topic, this mall does deserve a special mention. You must have always thought that it would not just be hard but impossible to find a cold place in Dubai. This mall which is known as the Mall of emirates can prove all your facts wrong in just one go. The Mall of Emirates is known for the skiing that it has on the topmost floor. The skiing experience is said to be a divine one as you will love the cold breeze flowing across your face and will give you a unique experience in the Gulf city.

The Waterpark- Aquaventure

So people know Dubai for its beaches, the lavish living and a host of other factors. But there is another unique one in the list. Dubai is known for Aquaventure, which is stated to be one of the best waterparks in the world. The water park boasts of a million rides and an exhilarating experience which you would surely like to have. The entire underwater life could be seen there in the waterpark. People have the golden opportunity to see the dolphins and the sharks up close. The natural beauty of the sea life is clearly depicted in this unique and fabulous waterpark.

The Sports

Although, the city is not very famous for sports on the global front, Dubai is still very famous the sporting facilities that it provides. Some beautiful cricket grounds are the center for international cricket matches. Talk of sophistication, Dubai has some of the most well equipped golf clubs where one can go for recreation. Every sport is encouraged by the city. This is what makes Dubai famous for sports!

The Food Joints

Dubai is also known for the various food joints, restaurants, hotels and a lot more eating space that it has. Dubai is probably the best possible place for any foodie to go and have a good eating session at. Toro Toro is a Latin restaurant in Dubai which will give you a good take for your appetite. If you are a seafood lover, then Dubai has Zuma for you. Zuma is one of the most famous seafood restaurants not just in the gulf but also all around the world. If you want some Argentinian food, you can always rely on Gaucho for filling up your stomachs. For the drink lovers, be it a hard vodka shot or a mild orange juice, Table 9 at the Deira City Centre is the right place for you to be at. These are just a few mentions. Once, you enter the land of Dubai, you will find many other food joints which will make your taste buds go berserk with excitement!

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