Experimental Cinema – A hoax in Bollywood

As I walked out of the theater after watching a certain “hit movie from the Yash Raj Productions, I felt stupid. As if someone had robed me and made me watch an absolutely rubbish movie. Critics claim that we live in an era of “Experimental Cinema”. Oh right, Earning crores via brain-dead action flicks is experimental. The new age experimental movies like Barfi! have shocking resemblance to the Classic Charlie Chaplin flicks. On the other hand, only a handful of modern cinema fulfils the criteria.

Let’s have a look at the Modern breed of Bollywood movies. Bollywood has gone a full circle and has now come back to the formula of rural India based pot-boilers with crotch-comedy adding the extra bit of  “fun” to the movie. When movies like “Ek tha Tiger” and “Rowdy Rathore” do brilliant business in the country, what should one expect from the viewers, it’s extremely sad to see movies like these do great business at the cost of better movies.

Experimental Cinema, today, has a fixed formula. Ironical? No, practical. Every producer wants to earn big-bucks even at the cost of brain-dead movies that make no sense at all. People still like watching mushy-mushy love stories.

Yes, we can’t compete with Hollywood when it comes to financial backing but we still can give them a run for their money with intelligent movies. Why is it that a movie like a Wednesday does lesser business than an “Ek tha Tiger”? If we don’t stop watching these kind of rubbish movies, directors will continue making them. I am not telling you to stop watching these movies all-together but we should atleast try and give credit to where it’s due.

Supriyo Mukherjee

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