Facebook – Do I Like it?

*sniff* *sniff* I want that Buzz! back. I want those emoticons back! Bah! How romantic were those days when a happy yellow face popped up from the corner of my screen to announce a friend coming online. Those days, those wasteful days when I would spend hours trying to build that perfect avatar of mine!

Bang you Facebook, bang you!

You’ve made things so easy for us.
You’ve made us lazier.Than ever. You do not allow us to install a thing on our PCs anymore to strike up a conversation. Bah! How useful you are!
You’ve put my friends, relatives, colleagues all into one beautiful page, I do not need to even wreck my people for their IDs anymore. How organised you’ve made me!

You’ve made sure I do not to make a zillion accounts to connect with people. How simple you’ve made things for me!
Yov’ve ensured I get bored, but still scroll up and down the same feed 1000 times a day. How addictive you are!
You’ve made me a poser, only to upload them to you. How charming you are!
You’ve now bought Instagram too. You will make my photos better too. How creative you are!
You’ve replaced my mug and my brush which were my early morning tools. You are now the first thing that comes to my….mind now. How shitty you are!
You’ve even got my mom and dad to you. I now have to browse and share responsibly. How insane you are!For the Yoda you are, for the killer app you are, you’ve killed our childhood memories of chat windows ans popup sounds. We love you.
Stay weird, stay unpredictable, stay awesome Facebook.

RIP yahoo, aim, jabber. Blame Facebook for being so awesome. Bah!


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