Flying Pizzas!

Who doesn’t love pizzas?  We make that one phone call and order our favorite pizza and all we do after that is eagerly wait for the doorbell. And there is the delivery guy standing with the scrumptious pan/cheese-burst pizza.  With policies from Domino’s and Pizza Hut of delivery within aforementioned time, our eyes are etched on the wall clock, secretly hoping that the delivery guy becomes late and we get our pizza all for free! However, this hope is soon going to be crushed once and for all since the Pizza prime companies are soon shifting to drones for delivery.

Yes that’s right, you heard me, you will no longer be waiting for a doorbell by the delivery guy, rather you will be expecting a flying bot delivering your pizza. Did any of us ever imagine that we could see a flying pizza? With the growth in robotics and motion sensing aerodynamics, anything seems to be possible and flying pizzas for certain. Many venders have started using these drones as testing pilots for delivery. Domino’s calls its drone a DomiCopter. This eco-friendly DomiCopter can fly at varying altitudes avoiding traffic and thus ensuring timely delivery. It holds the pizzas in heatwave bags so that the pizza remains hot and fresh to eat. This model is currently under testing at UK and will be rolled out soon after multiple prototype design analysis.

In Russia, in the far north, we have DoDo Pizza in the chase of this drone service. Their drone is enabled with video cameras and GPS that are monitored by the manager so that the pizza doesn’t go into the wrong hands. It also uses a cable in order to reach out the pizza to the customer and doesn’t fly lower than 20 meters above the ground. The aim behind this is to not allow people on the roads to steal the pizza. If anyone tries to pull the cable, there is an anti-theft alarm that is generated and triggered to the manager monitoring the delivery.

India didn’t want to stay behind in this race of technology catering service. Recently, Francesco’s Pizzeria in Mumbai delivered its pizza from its outlet in Lower Parel to Worli using a four rotor drone. In a place like Mumbai where traffic is one of its major entities, escaping the same traffic and increasing the service capacity of a company is how these drones are favoring the pizza giants. Apart from the obvious advantage of overcoming traffic hurdles the drone is also user as well as eco-friendly. It doesn’t need to be refueled for the limited charge time and hence acts as an environmental boon.

Despite of these benefits, there are some major setbacks that need to be addressed. These drones have a limited proximity radius ranging around 8km. Also there is only a designated amount of weight that it can carry. So if we have a family of fifteen each ordering a pizza for oneself, we may end up facing some big time hassles. Currently there also exist some regulatory restrictions on the height at which these drones can fly. Apparently it is limited to 400 feet altitude however this can be dealt by improving the drone prototypes.

In the near future we can expect to receive pizza deliveries only from drones. It is an easy to adopt mechanism and highly scalable capacity building notion. Technology does have a lot in store for us.

Damini Naidu

technology enthusiast, trained bharatnatyam dancer, past-time philosophical writer, movie buff

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