Is love the new escape way from drugs?

Is love the new escape way from drugs?

One day I was sitting around at a bench in the university (it is located in north-India). I was feeling up the silence of the night away from the hostel chip-chap. But as we all know it is customary in the hostels, not being able to spend any peaceful time with oneself! And this time I was bugged by my own cough, precisely, sere cough caused by smoke.

I figured out the area and found that the smoke was coming out of a boy’s room in the adjoining hostel. I know I shouldn’t have, but I peeped through his window and encountered nothing but a shabby room space full of smoke and stuff. The boy was sitting over his bed with red eyes and a flake in his hands. He barely knew what’s going on around.

Normally I keep good with  my business, but now that this boy and his smoke was a part of my happy evening business, I felt annoyed because of him: @!

The next day I noticed the same guy passing by me, since I noticed him for the first time in day light, his figure, his walk and his attitude were all described to me because of the last night. I asked my friend, narrating last night’s incidence, and I quote” what is wrong with that guy “? And the answer I got from her was rather more regretting than pitiful. She said,”oh yar ye bande ka galt scene hi, pichle 5 saal se ek bandi ke peeche pda hi aur vo isse baat nhi karti, uske peece hi  ye aesa ho gya! Bhoot like karta hai ye use”( which meant that, that guy is after a girl from past 5 years and she does not talk to him and to overcome his pain of this strong fondness for that girl he indulged himself in this new world). And she said that with pity in her voice.

Pity! How could one find love as an escape way to drugs? Falling in love with a person is a divine emotion. I agree it demands patience, trust, and accord but this is what makes is tastier and worth it. One cannot convince other to fall in love with him or her it just happens or you can make it happen. And if it does not hit the shot, it means that it is not the time for that particular moment or it is not the moment I deserve. Destiny has a plan for everyone. And getting into drugs to fall into a world of your fantasies is just not the solution. If you cannot stand up for your own emotions at the hard time how will you be able to do that for someone else. With a broken heart, falling apart is the easiest thing, staying strong and beholding your self is the toughest but putting yourself down to something, something that makes you a slave of its addiction is the dumbest solution. If you cannot take charge of your mind and your heart at the time of misery, how do you think you are able to that with or for someone else? Everyone faces a hard time, everyone goes through an impulsive record, but if at that point you can let go yourself to some addiction for living then you can let go anything in the world for that drug!

If anyone finds love an escapism to get more into drugs, or drugs as an solution to their pain, then and there they have their answer that a weak heart is shaky also in the succor zone but man’s heart can stand stable solitary.



nandika puri

be yourself and life will get you all you deserve(y)

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