Learning her SHE

For ages, decoding a woman’s mind has remained man’s greatest paradox. What is so special about a woman? Why do people say women deserve more love, respect and space than men? Like others, I too often wonder what really happens inside her head. So I kept thinking and finally decided to describe a woman with a surreal of conclusions.

Female, the counterpart of male was my first idea of describing a woman. A woman thinks the way how a man doesn’t. Her actions are always opposite to that of a man’s and her reason of survival is different and so is her definition of love. But then I perceived hthat describing a woman requires more than ordinary elucidating skills.

Bestowed with the gift of thinking, I tried to elaborate her based on te discrepancies she carries. She wears different clothes, speaks in a different tone and her reasons are built on her emotions. By pulling out difference in Intelligence quotient, communal acceptance, general behavior, perceptional understanding and procedural analysis, I thought providing statistics would help me win by game. Just then I understood that I don’t need a psychoanalysis-like procedure to describe a living being.

It was then that I was able to discern that the best description can be done not by comparing and contrasting facts and figures but realizing the entity’s purpose of existence. I am now reminded of a famous Tamil saying “Aavadum pennale,azhivadhum pennale” (Woman can create life, as well as kill).It is because of a woman that you come into this world; it is because of a woman that makes your everyday life full of love and it is because of a woman that you get to see a bit of yourself in your following generation(s). The advent of every girl brings hope, happiness with prosperity. By becoming a daughter, sister, feminine friend, girlfriend, mother, grandmother and other feminine relations, women have shown the world that love conquers all. But at the same time, I despise women who fancy materialism throughout their life; who fake love and misuse others’ trust’ just to live a costly, comfortable life that is full of voluminous falsehood. I also despise women who accomplish their needs by manipulating other people.

It is hard to imagine the survival of the Human race without women. English Language pays its respect to women by rendering some pronouns (inanimate objects) as ‘she’; and so does religion- approximate count of 29 goddesses of fertility in from different religions. Women are also said to be from Venus (indirect quote of John Gray is made here) for having distinct features of gender under a race. Other forms of references and respect to women also exist.

Maybe, just maybe, a woman doesn’t know what she really wants at all and sometimes, what she does too. Maybe she takes life as it comes and does not think of the consequences. A woman’s mind teaches us to see, segregate and strengthen our feelings, desires, needs and life- in general, through love.

Rathnakar Sundaresan

A knowledge-seeking Indian.

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