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It would be fair to say that in this era of touch screens, motion sensors and a plethora of electronic gadgets, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds every day. With the advent of the internet decades ago, it has completely shaped the world around us and created a vast resource for people of all ages and backgrounds. The traditional system of blackboards and books are being replaced by projectors, online assignments, e-books and other e-learning methods.  Keeping this in view, it is imperative that we use the technology available to us in order to reap the full benefits of the education it provides.

Now you might ask yourself, how does online learning compare itself to traditional classroom education? It sure does remove the presence of a teacher in front of us, but it only replaces it by a computer screen. One good thing about distance learning is that it can grant you access to thousands of reading material and periodic tests at the click of a button, which was previously such a hassle in the classroom. It enables us to condense learning in an enjoyable form and ask one-on-one questions with professors from any university who are willing to answer your doubts. There are in fact, many educational institutions that have provided online courses so that people from all over can come together and learn. Their motto simply remains – to provide education sans any bounds or restrictions.

Distance learning paints a picture that is almost similar. Whether you are a student already enrolled in an institution, or a working professional or a housewife or anyone, as long as you have the thirst of gaining something new everyday, you can enroll yourself to a course provided you fulfil some basic requirements. There are a lot of open universities which grant online admissions and provide you the study material at your doorstep. Their exams are also conducted online, and so are the results. Distance learning universities are fast gaining popularity among students who wish to enhance their academic careers and open new doors for future opportunities. Not only does it enrich your resume, but you also gain an invaluable resource – knowledge.

As far as e-learning goes, there are many websites that offer a wide array of courses. Some of them include Coursera, edX, Udacity, WolframAlpha, Khan Academy, and so on. The Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has an excellent program for open course ware which enables us to view notes and videos from lectures conducted at the university. Stanford University also has a similar program. All you need is an internet connection.

A lot of universities in India, such as the University of Mumbai, YCMOU etc. provide distance learning courses at the end of which you’re granted a certificate, or a degree, based on your performance. Such programs can be extremely beneficial to people living far away and thus unable to attend classes, or seeking further enhancement in their educational qualifications. They offer a combination of online resources and traditional methods to create an interactive learning environment.

Making use of these amenities can truly open doors for much more opportunities in life. So what are you waiting for?

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