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Everyone knows that Washington D.C is the political capital of the United States, New York is its fashion capital, Palo Alto is its tech capital but does anyone think of the historic capital of the United States while planning a checklist of the tour. That historic capital is none other than “Boston”. People often compare New York and Boston. New Yorkers don’t talk much about their historic neighbors and the Bostonians don’t show much interest in appreciating the fast-paced New York life either. Now what makes Boston this peaceful and serene city away from the hullabaloo of the world is its enriched history and learned culture.

Boston is certainly the mother of most inventions in the modern world. It is the city that hosts one of the top schools in the world. Some of the famous amongst those include Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Tufts University and many more. It hosts 35 university colleges and thus becomes the hub of a student friendly population. Now what does a tourist get out of all this. These universities themselves mark the best travel locations in the world. The academic buildings built with brick stone and eccentric infrastructure is what adds to the history of this place.

Since the city has to cater to a large number of tourists and students from across the globe, it sees to it that it provides a blend of all cultures and cuisines. Some of the best restaurants in Boston include the Pizzeria Regina, Union Oyster House which date back to the 80s. Then of course there is the charming night life and concert culture that one can explore to get a glimpse of the fun people indulge in after a long day at work. And coming back to the history (since there is history in every part of the city), there are the famous tours one must take. The Freedom Trail tour and the Duck tour cover almost all the important tourist destinations in the whole city. They mostly speak of the Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party and about the legendary John Hancock whose signature still marks the American Declaration of Independence.

There are many other places around North including the famous Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market that is great for eateries and street shopping. The Newbury Street is also one of the biggest attractions for shop-a-holics. The Prudential tower offers a Skywalk Observatory through which one can get a whole view of the city right from the 50th floor. It is the most beautiful sight to capture and etch in your memories. And to add to the charm of the city, the city has a beautiful East coast line . The Boston Harbor Cruise is yet another must do for every tourist.

It is extremely convenient to get across the whole city. The MBTA services offer subway and buses connecting any two points. So once in Boston, carry a Lonely Planet guide or a map and set out on an adventure. Speaking of adventure, the city is known for some engaging water sports because of the famous Charles River. Kayaking is one of the most popular out of them. The Codzilla and the Whale Watch are some of the other things that one can do in order to experience the cold winds of the Atlantic. The city also showcases the massive collection of art manifests from across the globe at the Museum of Fine Arts. All these things come under the contemporary must-see places/ things to do in Boston. However let me give you an insight into some of the things that localites here love to do so that you don’t feel like a tourist anymore, you feel like a Bostonian. Here is the list:

  • Get a Charlie card and travel through the city (Don’t take a cab since it is way more expensive).
  • Watch a live street performance at the Faneuil Hall.
  • Shop for a cap with the Red Sox ‘B’ written on it from Quincy market. Also shop for the famous MIT/Harvard sweatshirts. (Wear them and roam around the city. It does feel amazing)
  • Grab a bite from the food trucks across the city (Brussels Sprouts at Clover are my favorite)
  • Spend a lazy afternoon at one of the famous gardens : Boston Commons, Boston Public Garden, JFK Public Garden)
  • Try the cannoli from Mike’s Pastry at North end (often called Little Italy because of its famous Italian Restaurants). Also have authentic Italian cuisine like the cacciatore or ravioli.
  • Attend a movie night for free screening at one of the university campuses.
  • Jog along the JFK Bridge (near Harvard). It has a breath taking view of the Charles River.
  • Grab a chocolate Glazed donut from one of the 131 Dunkin donuts in the city.
  • Take a stroll alongside the Boston Harbor.
  • You have to taste the Boston Chowder.
  • Visit the Jamaica pond, the view is overwhelming and soothing to your mind and soul.
  • Explore each “square” for an entire day. (Davis square, Harvard square, Central square, Copley square)
  • Finally, you will get the best out of your trip if you mingle with the locals. Bostonians are very sweet and ready to help. Don’t hesitate to ask for information if you are weary of something.

Hope this itinerary will help you have a great time in Boston. After all as the saying goes “When in Boston, do as the Bostonians do”.

Damini Naidu

technology enthusiast, trained bharatnatyam dancer, past-time philosophical writer, movie buff

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