If the Delhi life starts getting the better of you, escape into this mellow, warm-hearted corner of the city famously known as Majnu Ka Tilla. This Tibetan Colony, established in the 1960s, is situated between the Outer Ring Road and the Yamuna River in Delhi. Popularly known as ‘Mini Tibet’ of Delhi, this place is one of the most popular places with the nearby Delhi University students. It is best known for its authentic Tibetan delights available at pocket friendly prices.

This Tibetan refugee settlement has made its mark as a popular shopping and travel destination for foreign tourists and students from the Delhi University. A small monastery and a Buddhist temple reside in the heart of this place, in addition to several small restaurants that serve you deliciously tempting and the most authentic Tibetan cuisine. You’ll also find several shops selling some lovely Tibetan handicraft that you can take back home as a memoir of your trip to this whole new world in a city so familiar. Majnu Ka Tila also houses a multitude of bookshops, clothes and shoe stores, travel agencies, hotels and guest houses.

Upon entering the market, you are greeted with a serenity that is typical of this place. The monastery and the temple only add to the tranquil ambience. As you keep moving forward into the heart of the market, you come across streets lined with colourful shops selling everything from tees to bags to books. Slogans such as ‘I love Tibet’ and ‘Free Tibet’ will be generously splashed across t shirts, bags and other clothing items. You can find trendy bags and flip flops for as low as Rs. 200-250, making Majnu Ka Tilla a hot favourite with college students. For the lovers of junk jewellery, the place has a lot to offer. Funky Chinese jewellery can easily be located here, at prices that promise to not burn a hole in your pocket. If your love doesn’t stop at that, the shops also have Chinese paintings and wall hangings that come in attractive shapes and sizes. The streets also have Korean and Chinese movie CDs, priced above Rs. 100.

If you are a die-hard foodie, Majnu ka Tilla is just the right place for your insatiable taste buds. This place is replete with a whole variety of eating and drinking options. From street food to sea food, this refugee colony has much more to offer than you can chew. When at Majnu ka Tilla, do not forget to give Buff Momos, Swimming Momos and Fried Momos and dumplings, all of which will set your mouth watering. You’ll find exotic items like yak milk, beef, chillies, shawls, fabrics etc. for sale. However, bargaining too much wouldn’t be a good option here as shop keepers are reluctant to haggle. This place is also home to many budget hotels and guest houses, another reason that makes it a hit with foreign tourists.

This is a Tibetan settlement with some great food, great handicrafts and great people. Do visit Majnu ka Tilla for a truly enthralling experience in the city.


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