“One cannot think well, sleep well if one has not dined well”– Virginia Wolf

It’s a well known fact that if the stomach is empty than the minds stays unhappy and irritated.

There’s a very common Hindi Proverb: “Ek Aadmi k dil tak ka raasta uske pet se hokar gujarta hai”

I however would say: “Ek Insaan k k dil tak ka raasta uske pet se hokar gujarta hai”

So, when we discuss food, the choices are unlimited, the flavors-surplus and especially in a country like ours; the variety in food is unlimited.

Coming from North India, “Pakodas” are a part of my daily snacks-sometimes as a breakfast, sometimes during the evening tea time with family and sometimes just as a silly time pass.

Let me share with you two very simple pakoda recipes that’s easy and quick to prepare and simply delicious to consume.

*Mungphali Pakoda:


Peanuts [Mungphali] – 250 gms

Gram Flour [Besan] – 100 gms

Ginger – 1 piece

Refined Oil – 250 ml

Red Chili powder, Chat Masala, Salt – As per Taste.

Method for preparing:

Make a thick batter of the gram flour on a bowl and add some grated ginger [ginger is optional but adds to the taste if added]. Add some Red chili powder and chat Masala to make it spicier along with some salt as per taste.

Heat some oil in a pan, take 3 to 4 pieces of peanuts and dip it in the Mixture and fry them.


Serve Hot or Cold with Tea or as a side snack with drinks during parties.

Note: Take precautions not to overheat the oil as it might burn the peanuts.


*Papad Pakoda:


Lizzat Papad(10 Pieces)

Onion: 2 pieces

Ginger: 1 piece

Potato: 250 gms

Chat Masala, Chili Powder, Tasting Powder [Ajino Moto], Salt- As per taste


Method for preparing:

Boil the potatoes, Peel and smash them in a bowl.

Grate the Onions, Ginger and mix them with the potatoes.

Add chat Masala for a spicy feel and salt as per taste.

If you wish to revive some extra flavor then some chopped coriander leaves can also be added to the mix.

You could always add a pinch of Tasting Powder [Ajino Moto] to enhance the taste of the mixture.

In a bowl take some Cold Water and take a piece of Papad, dip it in the water just for a sec [in any case do not dip it for long].

Take a small amount of the prepared potato mix and place it in the middle of the papad; fold the Papad and tighten the edges by pressing them with your fingers [The water dipping is primarily done for this purpose].

Heat ample amount of oil in a kadhaai and fry the papad.

Once done, serve the pakodas with tomato sauce or chutney and enjoy it as a side dish with your regular meal or as an evening snack.


Enjoy the Pakodaas!

Darshan Blon

I am a keen learner and observer of things.I love travelling and listening music.Learning languages is my passion.

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