Ever had that moment where you are suffering from your usual bout of insanity and the only cure you could think of is finishing off that new book you got yesterday?

Ever been scorned by your teacher because instead of writing about atom’s particles in your test paper, you have written about how Sherlock Holmes solved the case of Sussex Vampire?

Or have you ever dropped a catch in the field while playing with your friends just because you were thinking about Tintin and his adventures?

Ever laughed while watching a horror movie or show because you have read all about Bartemious and know that even ghosts and demons possess a sense of humor?

Have you ever had that phase in your life where you are so hung up on a character that you irritate the hell out of everybody around you?

Ever looked at your friends and wondered if they would have gone on that trail with you to catch that guy who stole queen’s diamonds? Ever planned secret meetings just like Famous Fives?

Ever experienced that adrenaline rush when you enter a library or book store? That irritated look on the librarian or store keeper’s face that says it all about how you disturb their very peace of mind?

 That feeling of a five year old who is about to open a present whenever you are about to turn the pages of that much awaited book?

Have you ever been surprised how that clock hand reached 4 so fast when the last time you looked it was on 8  just because you were so engrossed in that novel?

Oh Yes, I know, I have touched a nerve.

And here’s another one:

         Ever experienced that thrill when you meet a fellow book lover? Someone who is equally crazy and dedicated? Someone who understands what’s it like to walk a mile in our shoes, oh wait, in our case, what’s it like to turn 100 pages in just 20 minutes?

                     Books are supposed to shape our life. Each and every decision we take, perspective we have, is somewhere influenced by all those hardbacks we held in hand. Because I know what I am today is composition of all the books I have read till now. My perspective, my opinions, my capabilities or my inabilities, my beliefs, that hunger to know more, that curiosity that became my best teacher are what I have acquired through all those pages I turned.

  All those lore and tales were supposed to help us differentiate between the good and evil. Those fairy tales we read or good old ‘Once Upon a Time’ classics, even those short stories of Champak or Nandan, comic strips of Tinkle shaped our childhood in a way. Then we were introduced to ‘genres’ and we had options: Fiction, Non-fiction, Romance, Memoirs and what not!(Psst! Frankly speaking I’m not genre oriented and love to delve into each and every category, whenever I could.) Stories and tales are known to have heighten our already hyper-active imagination. It helped us discover our surrounding in a totally new and bizarre way.

 Long story short, my fellow Book Lovers know what I’m talking about BUT this time I’m concerned about my so-called Buddies who “hate” books!!

              You heard it right, fellas!

        Sorry, what I mean is, you read it right, fellas.

Now, I don’t know about whether you have encountered one or not (and I’m not going to conduct a survey for this) but 90% of the people around us are BOOK-HATERS. Go on, start asking people what is their hobby,  and if you do get ‘Reading’, don’t stop at that, ask them the last book they read and when. Trust me, you’ll know that even though they are not complete Haters, they just don’t have interest in books. (P.S. -Reading an article in a newspaper or magazine doesn’t count as Love for Books!)


I don’t blame them. After being burdened by syllabuses and tests and exams and CGPA their whole life, rushing from one tuition to another coaching, topped with extra-curricular activities, add to it 4 years of college life and peer pressure to get a good job, they really ask ‘Is there really any time left for pleasure reading?’

(WARNING: College life scenario can only be cited as example for serious students)

They are more concerned about their Facebook status, attending parties, or romancing their play station whereas some busy with their jobs. But is technology and its over-exposure really guilty here? In fact, I believe, the invention of Adobe reader and epub and eBooks as well as audio books is a serious boon. Want to save pocket money? You have options to many site which hosts free eBooks downloading option. You can keep yourself updated about forthcoming books, keep tracks about your favorite author and get to know about them. (No stalking, please!!) You can read that eBook on that tab, you bought last week, while conveying or while taking a break from your tedious work if you are the one complaining about not having time.

But, Youths today consider time spent on pleasure reading a time wasted. Time management according to them is allocating 2 hours to facebooking, 3 hours to play station, another 5 hours to internet in the name of research for college project.  Seriously, I have seen people waste away 16 hours of their day on Whatsapp (Obvious Culprit is me but I have mended my ways!!).

Now I am not among those protestors who are so anti-technology that they can’t accept the change. And how can I be when I can be always seen online on Whatsapp. And I am not even against those social sites or apps which keeps us connected. But I know I will always make time to complete the new book that I get. It’s all about what choices do we make and what I’m really against here is the apparent choices youths today are making. They simply can’t grasp the fact that reading a book doesn’t make you a book-worm, it’s what help you grow, question your judgments and look into your insights.

Options are many but choices we make are few. Although, we might be appalled by their lack of interest we can’t blame them completely. In this rat-race for status, money, position and power the day isn’t far when pleasure reading will be considered to be an inexpensive art which will be used to decorate their study room or coffee tables. And someday even I will be a part of that rat-race, no doubt, but I will have a book in my hand always. Keep Reading!


Some of the useful sites I use to get hold of my Favorite Books:


You will not be able to get most of the books due to copyright issue, but if you are a ‘budding reader’, it would prove to be the best site for you. This site also helped me expand my horizon and delve into other genres.


2. Google Books (

Google is already playing an important role in our life and obviously you can search anything through Google itself but if you are using Google books it helps you categorize your choices. It’s like your own personal online library. Although you won’t be able to download any book but you can read the excerpt and decide which book is worth Investment.


3.  Scribd

Scribd is one of the most popular site where you can read the books online and share it with your friends too.

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