Sins in our society

How do we feel when we see a lady walking down the street covering her bruises with her sari? How do we feel when you see a drunkard bashing up his wife on the middle of the roads? Heart aches when we get a glimpse of these in our daily life. Why is this happening? Why are 70% of the couples UNHAPPY with their private life? It all routes down to how all  got married to each other.

The most prolific way people get married in India are through arranged marriages.Parents find matches for their sons and when they feel their age is ripe they are prodded to tie a knot to a complete stranger, least bothered of their consent. I dont blame Parents for that because that is how they got married and that is how even our grand parents got married. It is our tradition and we are bound to follow them at any means. This doesn’t mean that all of them who are married arranged are unhappy. Problem begins when  you are not happy with your life after the ritual.

Now, lets contrast this period with the westerners. They follow a two stage course before striding towards the Big step. Firstly, they date for sometime and get to know each other and then they start living together. Finally, if they are still able to bear each others presence then they marry. Even though they spend a lot of quality time with each other, statistics show us that the number of divorced cases when compared to that of India are quite high. Now, this is a paradox. How come people with little cognition regarding each other, still able to  live under a single roof? and how do people who spent a decent time getting to know each other, able to split up momentarily?

Now, before pulling our collars high thinking that we still manage to live and fall in love with a completely stranger, lets ponder over the other side of the coin before concluding. The only thing which troubles them taking a divorce is the fear of the society. We are so bothered, conscious and scared of how the people around us would react to this. There are cases where people have been cornered in the society because they’ve taken such a huge step.

There was nothing like a divorce thousand years ago beacuse we were mentally trained to accept our fate whatever it was. Women, now would prefer the suffering rather taking a big step because that would deprive them of their dignified position in our society. How many of them are aware of the alimony they receive, had they taken their first step towards freedom. This culminates us to the fact that either being a divorcee or getting divorced is termed or perceived as a SIN in our country.

I am not trying to be a feminist here. I am just trying to throw light on our archiac ritual which we are still following and inventing problems for ourselves. We might feel why all this fuss instead marry the girl/guy whom you love or like. Now, that’s another intriguing SIN which we have to contemplate on using our personal experiences 🙂

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